Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy busy busy...

Well, it's official. We're moving into our new apartment on the 21st! That gives us a little less than 2 weeks to pack up and make the nine hour drive to Utah. I don't relish the idea of making the trip with a yeowling cat in the backseat. The medication we gave her last time didn't quite do the trick. I doubt that it will work this time either. I don't have the greatest luck.
Between JT and I, there are a mix of emotions regarding the move. His is simple to explain: excitement. It's a new change and the close of a four year contract with the USMC. He's proud of the way he's spent the past four years of his life. He's just ready to try something new. JT already has a new job lined up! He's going to do very well. I'm really proud of him.
I'm excited to be going too! I've geniunely missed the academic lifestyle. I'm jealous when students come through my store for back-to-school shopping. I can't wait to finish up and get my degree! This time off has been beneficial. I've gained new perspective. I have now officially decided to get at least one master's degree. I'm ready for the challenge.
My only reservations are that I have missed out on so much time with friends and family. This Summer it hasn't mattered that we only live 45 minutes away from family. It may as well have been a continent apart with the way gas prices have gone. I'm really sad about it. Both our families have been so close and it hasn't mattered. Moving away is the literal and symbolic break from them. We really are starting our lives together on our own. I hate thinking about how much we will miss. That right there is what my reservations come down to--missing out on their lives. I'm also leaving friends behind. I'd especially like to apologize to you Wailum. We promised to come see you and tour Bodyworld with you. Please forgive me! We really meant to and really wanted to. You've been a wonderful friend to JT and I. Especially me. I know you'll laugh and say "I told you so" when you see your name in my blog. Wailum isn't the only friend we're missing out on either. Some of the nicest friends we've made are here in California. I was secretly happy to know that our friend who taught us to surf was sad to see us going! It's nice knowing that we will be missed.
Okay, I'm going to stop whining now about the move. It's a new start and a new adventure. It's where JT and I will start our family. It's where we will settle down. It's where we will finish school. There's so much to accomplish that we can't help being excited! This experience is going to be fun. We are looking forward to it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Trout wedding!

Well it's been quite the year for the Trout family. Two weddings in one year! Congratulations to Lacie and Stephen! It was a GORGEOUS wedding and reception. They really pulled out all the stops. They looked like they really enjoyed themselves. We're happy for them.

I was surprised that JT and I were able to stay awake through the whole thing though. We were soo exhausted from the trip up there that I don't think we got our second wind until Saturday. We had fun during our crazy stay! Christina, Joe, & Zach were always fun to spend time with. From building book cases to waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out at midnight (not to mention endless hours of guitar hero), we had a blast. It left us a lot to look forward to in the coming year when we move closer! It will be hard returning to normal life...if only for the next 3 weeks.