Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where have we been for all of May?

The answer is California! Cool huh?
The Monday after Easter, the twins and I hopped into the car with JT's dad and headed straight for Cali.  I was equal parts excited and nervous. We were supposed to stay for 2 weeks and have JT join us for week 3. I was nervous about how much the twins and I would end up missing him. The answer: A LOT.

We had tons of fun though while we were down! I spent 3 weeks at my parents and got together with JT's family as often as the twins let me.
*Sidenote 1: I was really shocked that the twins never acclimated to the time change the entire MONTH we were there. It made it really hard to try and do anything in the evening. They also got sick. No fair. :(
*Sidenote 2: Yes, you read that right. Month. JT had something important come up at work and had to           postpone coming out to meet us another week.

Some fun things that went on:

*The twins and I watched our first NASCAR race!
*The twins fell in LOVE with both sets of grandmas. Delilah in particular.
*Porter likes to go down slides by himself
*The twins enjoy playing in the kiddie pool and sand box
*The twins are not afraid to eat sand
*I got to go to the temple every week with my parents!
*I went out to eat with my friends Lyndsey and Kylie
*Kylie and I found amazing hats
*Porter and I got to go on a lunch and shopping adventure with my cousin Stefani!
*The twins said "Thank you"...a lot (but stopped as soon as we left CA)
*I watched my sister get down with her bad self at a youth conference talent show
*My siblings and I become thoroughly obsessed with The Voice (secret handshake and everything)
*I got to sing "I Stand All Amazed" in Sacrament
*We got to go with the Trouts to my new favorite Riverside restaurant: Mi Tortilla!
*We had another spectacular time with JT's family playing catch phrase. It gets pretty crazy.
*And last but certainly not least, JT and I went away for a one night stay in Laguna Beach! More on that to come!

There's probably a million things I've missed putting down. A whole month is a lot to remember though. We were all really grateful for the time we got to spend with family. It really makes it hard sometimes to come back up to Utah until we remember that we have Christina's family and all our friends up here! How about all our Trout and Meza family just moves on up with us? Doesn't that sound PERFECT?! *Sigh* A girl can dream.

P.S. I came home to two presents. I'll give you a hint as to what the first one was...