Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our New Ward

***for those of you waiting to see Thanksgiving pictures (if there are any of you out there), there will be a new post for them as soon as I figure out how to work that camera of ours!

Yesterday as JT and I snuggled into bed for the night, he turned to me and told me how grateful he is for our new ward. I couldn't help but agree! That morning I had been trying to rush him to get ready for church and he told me, "we won't miss church! we LIKE this ward!". Now don't think that we go inactive every time we dislike a ward or anything. ;) It just makes it so much pleasanter to go!
To begin with, the ward is absolutely tiny!!! There is always plenty of room in the chapel. When we picked up our ward roster there were about (probably less) 150 families on it! The entire roster was ONE page long! They don't even have enough people to fill all the callings they need. JT got VERY nervous to see that they're missing a Young Men's secretary....HAHAHA...we'll see. We thought it was great that the bishop was able to gather the entire ward (minus the primary) into the Relief Society room. There's no chance of anyone getting lost in a ward like this. Quite frankly, since our homeward, this is the first time we haven't felt lost.
Everyone is so friendly and caring. We constantly have people coming up to us to introduce themselves or to say hello again after having already done so! I've never had so many people throw their arms around my shoulders and say "howdy neighbor!" Neighbor is the right word to use by the way. Of the 30 or so homes on our street, only one has an inactive family and the rest are all members of our ward! Everyone we meet wants us to know exactly where they live in relation to us. We feel bad when we can't honestly say we remember the house with the trees...or the other house that has a red door...their enthusiasm is heartwarming though. We welcome it.
Lastly, they have been so understanding about our situation! It's only been 2 Sundays since we moved in and they've already got the cavalry afoot. One sister 2 doors down has been by to visit us and even randomly brought us dinner the day before they left for Thanksgiving! This Sunday JT and I got passed the Relief Society binder and the front page had an entire paragraph introducing me and my condition! The list below for weekly meals was COMPLETELY full and it hadn't even been passed to half the room yet. To top it off, the Relief Society President and her compassionate service leader will be visiting us tomorrow night to accurately assess our needs.
Honestly, I didn't know that sisterly/wardly (if that's a word!) existed like this. JT and I feel so blessed. We aren't sure how miracles like this ward exist, but we are very grateful. If we spend the rest of our kids' lives on this block, it would be ok. We know that they'll be loved.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful

With Thanksgiving being today, I thought it was only too appropriate to express my gratitude. So here we go....

1. I'm grateful for JT
Jonathan really goes out of his way to be the best husband I could ever ask for. He's my best friend and the one person with whom I can feel completely happy with. I breathe easier when I'm around him. Sometimes I feel guilty for how much I rely on him for just my existence. But unless I'm having a pregnancy freak-out moment where he's not allowed to leave me to just go to the store--I think he sort of likes it. I'm grateful for the example he is to me in my life. His faith really knows no bounds and he's helped me gain perspective more than once. JT will sacrifice without a word. AND...in spite of my flaws and oddities, he loves me!

2. I'm grateful for Delilah and Porter
It's strange to think of them as actual people. All I see when I say their names are little babies who like to pummel me from the inside out. :) Actually, they're getting a little more gentler these days with mommy's ribs and sciatic nerve. I'm grateful that they exist and that Heavenly Father has entrusted us with their two little souls. Pretty soon here they're going to be two perfect little darlings in our arms. I'm not ready for motherhood. I don't think I am even close. But I AM grateful for the trust our Heavenly Father has in me. These two kids are going to challenge me in ways I can't even imagine. No amount of "what if" planning will cover the bases. But I look forward to getting to know each of their personalities and teaching them everything I possibly can. If they grow up loving the gospel, loving their family, and loving to learn...then I'll be happy.

3. I'm grateful for family
Family is one of the most important things in the world to me. I'm so grateful for the relationships I have with them! I love my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (mind you, this all includes in-laws!). I'm also grateful for the many people who have adopted us as family over the years. JT and I often wonder at how we have been so blessed. The hardest part now for both of us is knowing what our kids will be missing out on. I think that may be a big part of the reason that JT would like to go back to California some day.

*switching to list format. This takes a lot of work!

I'm thankful for...
4. The gospel of Jesus Christ and all that entails
5. our new house
6. our new ward
7. our new relief society that stops by to check on me and bring us food
8. BYU (even with all my whining!)
9. UVU
10. Wells Fargo
11. Joy
12. Laughter
13. the mountains
14. the seasons
15. Mia & Snickers (most of the time!)
16. our country
17. our servicemen & women
18. education
19. FOOD
20. clothing
21. our car
22. generosity
23. past trials
24. friends
25. technology
26. music
27. comfy beds!
28. dance
29. bubble baths
30. LOVE

there's so much I could add to this and so much I actually should...but today is El dia de accion de gracias! Thanksgiving translated literally from Spanish: The day of action of thanks. So today I would like to be actively grateful. Off I go!

We moved!!!!!

I can't believe we actually did it! We up and decided to move in a matter of days! How did this fever come upon us? Well, we weren't too thrilled with the state of our apartment and knew that it would be a big challenge with the twins on the way. But the clincher was when our neighbors on the back half of our duplex told us THEY were moving and had sold their contract in a day! We thought, why not us?? We found a place almost immediately!
Then began the intricate issue of packing up! Christina and Joe lived closest to us and they were so nice about coming over to help out a ton! JT realized he needed another man around to help them lift things so we had to ask Nathan to come down from Salt Lake to help. We felt really bad for having to ask him to make the trip. At least he had Katie to keep him company for the drive!
We got everything packed up into a loading van and over to the new place in practically a day! Once there we only had the uhaul for an hour before it would cost us another $40. JT and I began frantically calling almost anyone we had a phone number for! Thankfully Joe and Nathan were able to show up again. Then our friends Alex and Davis took pity on us and came as well! We were so grateful for them all! They got that truck unloaded in about 45 minutes! They were amazing! I of course say they because I sat on a chair the whole time thinking "that sure looks like hard work!"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maternity Photo Shoot

About 3 weeks ago (I was 27 weeks pregnant) we met a photographer over at a park in West Provo and took some pictures. We plan to use them in Porter & Delilah's baby books and in their nursery. I think they came out really well! I have to admit, it's weird to see myself so big! But there are two little ones in there with a never-ending appetite. I'm sure we'll also use these pictures for our Christmas card! Now the problem....which to choose?!

Well Fargo

JT has set his sights on becoming a personal banker for Wells Fargo ever since he was hired on part-time while still in the Marine Corps. He became close friends with the bankers at his Provo branch and has done everything he could to teach himself the ropes. So needless to say, when a banker position opened at his branch, JT was ready to throw in his name for the promotion. We were so excited for this! JT works so hard and he excels so well. I really wanted to see him get this! He works himself ragged with full-time school and 2 jobs. He deserved this promotion. He really really did!

The week leading up to his interview with the regional manager was pretty intense. JT was drilling all the bankers about their interviews and trying to memorize his numbers and talking points. The numbers weren't hard. There really isn't anything he tries that he isn't good at! His ambition and potential are obvious. He was so confident going into that meeting!

It paid off big time! He found out a few days later that he was a new personal banker! I was soo happy for him. JT could finally quit his evening job and earn a break. I'm so proud of him! I don't know how many time and how many ways I could possibly say that! It's so true though. No matter what, he will be working at something that challenges him, pays more, and gives him the opportunity to be home before 9:30 pm to be with his family! Good job JT! I love you!

Provo Baby Shower

The second week in October was our coed Provo baby shower! My sisters-in-law worked hard pulling it all together. To tell the truth.....it SO paid off! It was wonderful! I'm so glad they're all so much more creative than I am. It was decorated so cute! The Maglebys were our gracious hosts and fun participants. We're so glad they like us! :)

The snacks were very yummy. I had one foot-in-mouth moment where someone brought me a cupcake and I looked around to make sure Katie wasn't there, and then proceeded to say that I don't really like frosting. Guess who was sitting directly behind me? Oh yes, Katie called me out on it.

JT enjoyed the football game in the basement for the most part, but joined me in time for present opening. Before we were allowed to open presents, there was a slideshow presentation. It was so sweet! There were baby pictures of JT and me that progressed to our pregnancy. It was very thoughtful. Afterwards we began opening presents and I couldn't believe how generous everyone was! Delilah and Porter better know that they're loved! We sure felt like it. All we could say was thank-you. So now it's time to start that nursery!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Riverside Baby Shower

Our ob/gyn has been warning us all along that I may have to do bedrest at some point in my pregnancy and that the smart thing to do would be to get the baby showers done with quickly. We followed his advice and although I am not likely to be on bedrest anytime soon, we're soo happy that we've already had the showers! We honestly can't understand now why people would bother waiting until right before the birth! It's totally AWESOME to have PLENTY of time to set up a nursery and search for those great deals on the few items you didn't get! Well, ok now. I'll get off my soapbox now and write about the great Riverside shower that our family and friends pulled off for us. :)

September brought the big day and I arrived in Riverside the day before the shower. I noticed that my mom was a little stressed. After seeing how amazing the shower was I could see why! My mom and Bonnie really outdid themselves. Don't worry though! I'm also so grateful to everyone else who helped! It seemed like everyone had a hand in it! Thank you so much to all our family and friends.

The shower was at the George's beautiful home. I was shocked to see all the white Christmas lights up! Pink and blue table cloths covered the tables and letter blocks spelled out Porter & Delilah. There were adorable bibs on the fence posts. Bottles and pacifiers were scattered around. So many people came and I was completely overwhelmed with the task of unwrapping the gifts! I felt so loved and taken care of. JT and I often remark about how little contact we have with friends our own age anymore, but how forever constant the adults in our ward and stake our. We are just SO grateful!

Trying to get everything packed for the plane trip back to Utah was hard!! I packed as much as I could and still ended up having to leave a lot behind. So if you know anyone who is heading up our way, give us a shout! JT was so sad to miss out on such a great event that we decided that our next shower would just have to be coed. :)