Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Riddle me this....

What does the Vatican, diarrhea, and an energy drink have in common?

Answer:  They were all involved in my midnight round of child care. 

Porter woke up screaming in pain from bad diarrhea and gas pains.  Poor little guy. I stayed up with him, thanks to an energy drink, and was able to calm his tummy down.  I even got to watch a little bit of a documentary on the Vatican!
The circumstances were horrible, but a night in which I cuddle with my little man and watch the history channel without interruption isn't too shabby a night at all. :) 

Thank you Porter for letting Mommy help to make you feel better! Mwah!

Anniversary Week: Day 3

Wednesday's at-home date was made up of a scavenger hunt and romantic dinner. I did put the effort in this time and really did have the best of intentions....well, let me start from the beginning.

I started out by printing off a series of clues that would lead JT from one neighbor's house to another once he got home. With each new clue card would be a photo from our wedding day and one of the yellow roses he got me.

Then I got the chicken in the fridge marinating and planned on making JT's favorite homemade macaroni and cheese for the side dish.  First problem I didn't foresee: what was I doing planning on oven baked chicken AND mac and cheese? Do I have two ovens? No.

Second problem, not everyone I had printed up clue cards for was home. Uh-oh. So the 6 hourse scavenger hunt turned into 3 houses... But that wasn't really all that bad. It was still fun.

Third problem, I got REALLY REALLY tired all of a sudden. Like, not-able-to-keep-my-eyes-open kind of tired.  So rather than figuring out the dinner issue I just got in bed and took a half hour nap before JT got home. Thank heavens the kids were asleep in their cribs or I might've died.

But even with all those problems, it was totally worth it. JT had the sweetest smile on his face when he got back from the scavenger hunt. He thought it was really cute and was happy to re-give me my roses. His gratitude made it all worth it. I love you JT!

Moral of the story this time: Go with the flow. When you plan a date for every night of the week, normal life is gonna get in the way. But it's a good way to practice keeping the romance alive while taking care of daily responsibilities. And it's FUN!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anniversary week: Day 2

One of my friend's on the good 'ol book of face suggested that JT and I have a James Bond night.  Brilliant, right?!  Well it only works if you've got your whits about you. :) I'll explain what I mean.

The plan was to cook a series of appetizer for dinner and to serve mocktails. We'd both dress up and enjoy a game or two of cards while watching Casino Royale (which also happens to be one of JT's favorite movies).  Then at 8:15 pm I was supposed to have arranged for neighbor kids to attack our home and surprise the unsuspecting JT. It would be a short but fun blown out battle in the street, in which my personal 007 would triumph and return to me.

And here's how it actually went...
I totally dropped the ball. I forgot I was supposed to be busy setting everything up and didn't even have the necessary groceries! Note to self: grocery shop BEFORE Anniversary Week.
I only roped two boys into helping and they got confused by JT being outside trying to jump-start a car. I had told them they would be attacking us with JT inside the house. So no movie, no cards, and no tuxedo an hour later, they finally attacked. My husband played dirty and scared them off with an unloaded paintball gun. NO FAIR.
Battle in the street never happened. But they did shoot at him a few times before retreating. Not a total loss.

Moral of the story: Get up off your lazy behind and set it up.
Gotcha. Will do next time.

But hey, JT brought me home my favorite mizithra pasta for dinner!! So at least as far as I am concerned, last night was a MAJOR win.

Monday, March 28th

Monday was our actual wedding anniversary.  JT woke me up at 5:30 that morning with a gentle kiss and a single yellow rose.  When I finally got out of bed around 8am and made my way into the kitchen, I found the beautiful bouquet of yellow and orange roses that my single blossom had come from.  I loved it and it was such a sweet surprise.
I arranged for a babysitter and actually spent time getting ready! It was SOO nice to feel like a girl again. I even snapped proof in case we forgot to take pictures on our date. Bad lighting and all, I was bubbling with excitement!
For our date we went to dinner theatre at The Old Spaghetti Factory! The play was Romeo and Juliet. It was so much fun to see it again and with all their personal twists. The cast mingled with the audience and would even serenade us between scenes! Juliet was played by one of JT's old bankers and she definitely did a good job. They ended up using JT to stand-in as Mercutio! It was absolutely hilarious! I don't think the actors liked getting upstaged though. But if you know my husband, you know he loves a crowd. ;) After that we watched a few alternate endings to the play that included crazy love potions, romantic happily-ever-afters, and a tiny bit of the original tragedy.
Here's the picture we had someone take...I'm not loving how it came out, but it's not the worst.
HERE's the worst:
I guess we turned out to be Shakespearean devils who can't stand light. Who knew?
Happy Anniversary JT! MWAH!

Anniversary Week

Can you believe it?! We've made it to our THIRD anniversary! I feel very old and very impressive. ;) 

But all kidding aside, I'm very proud of the progress we've made and the time we've spent together.  We've had our ups and downs like any other couple and have had the chance to become better people for it. I know now who JT is much better than I did when we married and vice versa.  I guess we're pretty alright people then if neither one of us wants to bolt. :)  If you missed the blog post I wrote about our wedding day (with pictures included), you can read it here.

With how difficult life can get, we really wanted to just focus on kicking back and enjoying the good times this anniversary.  We definitely didn't have it in us to do another GINORMOUS date like we did for Valentine's Date, but we also didn't want to just let it pass us by. Our solution?

Introducing Anniversary Week!
Starting with our actual anniversary (Monday, March 28), we have planned a series of dates taking us all the way to next Monday.  All except one were designed to be at-home dates.  The rule was that we each have to gift the other person with something once a day.  Now I'm not talking jewelry or anything like that, ladies. By "gift" I mean a display of affection, kindness, a present, a favor, girl time, guy time, etc.

Stay tuned to see what we come up with!