Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Their first few weeks

The twins and I came home from the hospital after a 3-day stay. We were all SO happy to be home! That includes JT because he slept there every night in a chair. I told him he could go home and get some decent rest but he wouldn't leave our sides. He's really been the perfect doting father and loving husband.
Porter developed a mild case of jaundice once he came home and had to be under the lights for 4 days. They brought a light suitcase for him and a little mask for his eyes. I felt so bad for him. It was heartbreaking to watch him spend hour after hour lying in there when I know he would've loved to have been held by those who love him. Even now I tear up thinking about it!
From the very get-go our little man has been very aware of his surroundings. His big blue eyes are always open as wide as possible. He also makes the cutest little faces! Our favorite is his "Zoolander" face where he puckers up. Porter is also our lazy boy. Usually, he is content to sleep the day away without too much of a fuss. He also prefers a bottle to breastfeeding and if forced to breastfeed will pretend to do so. He had us fooled for a while! Once we found out what he was doing we were able to up the amount I supplement with and change breastfeeding tactics.
Delilah is our little princess. She wasn't as aware at first but that's beginning to change. She impressed us very quickly with her ability to hold her head up! She began lifting it and looking around while we were still in the hospital. Of course, then her head immediately would crash down into our shoulder...but that's not the point. Delilah also barely fits into any of her clothes! At 6 lbs 11 oz she isn't a very small baby. But she's SO petite that the best fitting clothes are closer to the preemie sizes. Lastly, she is a bit of a drama queen. Delilah tends to fuss over anything really. For a while there it was safe to say it was her if we ever heard one of the babies start to fuss.
The twins both had some issues gaining weight. I wasn't producing enough milk for them and they required a certain amount of food to even pass their blood sugar requirements. Things have evened out since then. They enjoyed being kept close together, although Delilah required it more than Porter did. They snuggled together every day in their little bassinet. They were so cute and funny together! Porter even once turned around and began sucking on Delilah's nose while she slept! Sadly, we couldn't get to a camera in time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Delilah & Porter are born!

With the big c-section scheduled for Tuesday morning on January 12th, JT and I decided to head out on the town for a last hurrah the night before. It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed a wonderful and romantic meal at Carabbas. The hostess was worried that I'd eat too much for the surgery. Afterwards we went to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes. It was a really good movie! It was a little too dark at times for my taste, but I still thought it was fantastically done. However, it was 1:30 AM before the movie was over! I knew I was gonna die in the morning.

The next morning I was in the shower by 6 AM and we were at the hospital an hour later. I couldn't have been more nervous! JT and my mom tried to calm me down the whole time. Really, I was fine with the surgery. What terrified me was the epidural! The doctors and nurses were really good about it though. The poor anesthesiologist kept thinking he had hurt me because I was such a wreck. But I was never hurt. I was so grateful to have JT there through it. He was such a MAJOR help. He held my hands the whole way. My mom watched the epidural and actually thought it was way cool! I love her, but I think that's SO weird. Definitely a traitor. Anyways, after the meds kicked in and I couldn't feel anything but my nerves, they wheeled me into the delivery room.

They got everything set up and then one of my doctors stopped everyone and said, "ready on the right? ready on the left?"(I think there may have been more to the phrase than I can remember) Well when JT started laughing the doctor stopped and said that they must have a military man in their midst. Of all times to decide to take a detour and talk about the Marine Corps!! After his curiosity was satisfied, the doctor finally started the procedure.

I gotta say, I was only mildly freaking out the entire time. The biggest problem I was facing was how to stay awake! It wasn't that the meds were making me drowsy. It was having been out until 1:30 that morning! Well, I felt like I was finally getting a hold of my nerves when one of the doctor announces that they're about to pull one of the babies out and that I'm going to feel pressure. I started FREAKING OUT! JT immediately knelt beside me and began talking to me to calm me down. He started talking about our favorite TV shows but I told him I was NOT going to give birth discussing something as mindlessly frivolous as television! I don't remember what we DID talk about, but it sure wasn't TV.

Then it was time. One of the doctors told JT to stand up and told me to get ready to see the baby. JT turned on the video camera and jumped up. They lowered the sheet and we were suddenly face to face with our new little daughter Delilah! She was crying and looked perfectly healthy! I was happy, but I really wasn't registering a ton of emotion. I just remember being SO relieved to see she was ok. She was born at 9:15 am at 6 lbs 11 oz and 18 inches long. They asked what we wanted to name her and I said Delilah. The anesthesiologist immediately whipped out his iPhone and set it next to my ear playing a Tom Jones song that features the name Delilah. I had never heard the song and didn't care, but it was sweet of him. Then they held up our little boy Porter! He was SO much bigger than Delilah! He was born at 9:17 am at 8 lbs and 19 inches long.
They whisked them away for cleanup and I remember frantically asking if they were as healthy as they seemed. They said they were and I FINALLY relaxed. I was so exhausted that I really was quite content with letting things follow their course. The anesthesiologist put on Coldplay and began administering me more pain medication (he gave me a choice of drugs to relax or relieve pain and I said being relieved of pain WOULD be relaxing). At this point JT walked back over to me with each baby in his arms. They looked beautiful. The nurses and doctors were so impressed with JT. They kept talking about how focused he had kept me during the surgery and how naturally he took to fatherhood. The nurses were shocked that he didn't even flinch at taking both babies in his arms. He showed them to me before giving me a kiss and taking them up to the Newborn ICU. They were 99% ok. The main issue was making sure that their lungs were emptied of any fluid.

After the doctors finished stitching me back up they put in staples. It was so weird! It actually sounded like they'd grabbed a stapler off the receptionists desk and were stapling my stomach up! To sum it all up, I was wheeled in for surgery at 9 am, gave birth at 9:15, and was sewn back up by 9:30. It went SO fast! Then they wheeled me up to the NICU to visit the babies. They wheeled me right by Delilah without even noticing! She was doing perfectly fine! The C-PAP went well and she was sleeping peacefully. JT was with Porter. He had a tube inserted into his head because they had a hard time drawing blood from anywhere else. We came to find that Porter's NICU nurse was one of the same nurses that had attended to his cousin Zachary when he was there too!

Well, from here on out my story gets totally boring. I sat in my recovery room in the mother-baby ward waiting and waiting. I was really grateful to have my mom there with me. It seemed like FOREVER before they brought me my babies. Delilah was released first and JT escorted her down to my room. That attentive daddy gave me a kiss and stayed just long enough to make sure his little girl was ok before rushing back up to watch over Porter. He had blood sugar issues due to my gestational diabetes. However, Porter too was eventually brought down and we were all able to enjoy time together.

I'll never forget the first time I got to hold the both of them. It was skin-to-skin contact. They were so little and absolutely perfect. My little girl was so dainty. I couldn't see JT or myself in her face so it felt like I was getting to know this brand new perfect person. Porter was as pleasantly chubby as possible and was the spitting image of JT! The resemblance kept amazing me. I loved everything about them. They were absolutely perfect and they were all ours. I held them and kissed them as long as I could. I wish I had pictures of JT with the kids and myself. Next time we have kids we'll remember to have him pass off the camera so he can be in pictures too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tuesday January 12th, 2010 we welcomed our sweet little Porter and Delilah into the world! It was such a life-changing day that we're still trying to wrap our heads around it! The one feeling we can immediately agree on is JOY.

We will be posting about their birth and updating with pictures so you all can see their sweet little faces. HOWEVER, after much discussion, JT and I have decided to clamp down on security. Up until now we have been posting pictures of the kids on facebook and sending the link to family and friends. We realized that if our family and friends could easily look at them then so could any stranger who so desired. So our facebooks have been made private. Yay! But in doing so we have made it impossible for the aforementioned family and friends to view the photos without their own facebook account.

We have decided that along with regularly posting updates about our family happenings, we will be frequently posting photos on THIS blog site. To continue protecting the kids we will be making this blog private as well. The good news is that anyone who gives us their email address will be allowed to read it!

HENCE, if you would like to continue reading this blog then please make sure I have your email address! We really don't want to exclude you! Plus these kids are so cute I PROMISE you're gonna want to stick around to see them. :)

We love you and hope to hear from you soon!