Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mia girl

It was a sad day here in the Trout house yesterday.  Our sweet Mia dog found herself a new home.  For awhile now we knew that we were going to have to give her up.  We bought her at a time in our lives when we didn't have immediate plans for children, much less the busy schedule of twins.  Now when I had free time in my day I would choose eating over playing with her.  Poor Mia spent the majority of her day wrapped up in a ball on her little bd that she had chewed to bits out of boredom.
So yesterday we bit the bullet and decided to do what was best for her.  I posted ads for Mia on craigslist and ksl classifieds.  The response was overwhelming! My phone seemed like it was constantly ringing and I was getting a steady stream of emails.  It made me happy that we're not the only ones who recognize that she's a very good dog that anyone would be lucky to have. We even had someone willing to drive the 2 hours from Ogden! In the end, we went with a friendly and local choice.  Anna's friend Whitney was in great need of some companionship and was happy to take Mia home with her.
I was surprised with how well JT did.  He gave away his first dog.  He spent so much time training, playing, petting, and bonding with her.  JT LOVED Mia.  That tells you how firmly he believed that it was for the best. I feel so bad.  Within 2 months both of his first personal pick pets are gone.  I was in tears FOR him. I took a picture of him with Mia right before she left for her new home.  Goodbye Mia! We love you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Memory

I was most likely 16 when this picture was taken. It was our first young women's trip to do baptisms at the newly built Redlands temple. It was nice to be able to get ready to go to the temple and not be waking up at 6am in order to fight traffic. 20 minutes and we were there! I love this picture because my mom got to go with me. My mom has had really bad back problems for years, making it hard to do most things the rest of us take for granted. It was a treat to be able to go with her. It was so much fun! I remember being so impressed with the beauty and differences between the Redlands and L.A. temples. They may have been different in their own ways, but the spirit was the same. I remember going in to do confirmations after baptisms and the room was soo quiet and peaceful. I was so wiped out after I fell asleep on the ride home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I LOVE a good deal!

I'm so excited! Today I picked up so many vinyl phrases for $10 total! VinylLetteringDecor.com in Orem is having a WAY cheap overstock sale.
I managed to get:
*Home Sweet Home
*God Bless America
*Always kiss me goodnight
*Families are forever
*Love is Spoken Here
*i aM a CHild of God
*Love one another
*Land of the free, because of the brave
*SPliSH SPlaSH i waS taKiNG a batH
*where our story begins

Can you believe it! I feel like such a dork but I was so excited I just had to post this. Now all that's left is to order our "For Time and All Eternity" to go above our clock on our picture wall.
Oh, and if you're interested the contact info for the vinyl place can be found at http://VinylLetteringDecor.com