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Our Family

Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Hi everyone! I realize that it's been a while since we last posted any new blogs. We kept thinking that there wasn't anything interesting to write about, and in so doing missed everything worth writing about. Nothing amazing happened. However, life has been continuing on in the Trout household. We offer proof.

This is a picture I caught on my way to campus. I like to think of it as the last gasping breath of fair weather in Utah.

Joe, Christina, JT and I all got to go see Twilight on Friday! We were pleasantly surprised with its quality. Its not amazing, but it definitely was worth seeing. Although, we definitely could've gone without the screaming girls the first time "Edward" showed up.

These are the BEAUTIFUL roses that decorate our kitchen. JT really does try to outdo himself.

Yesterday was BYU's rivalry game against the University of Utah! Go Cougs! Unfortunately, our quarterback spent more time playing for Utah than BYU. Oh well. We'll get em next year. We did have a fun game day party anyways! JT invited over some friends from work and fired up the BBQ. We had steaks, salsa, salad, and chocolate cheese cake! Yummmmm. They were a really fun group to be around. We'll probably be calling them up again in the future.


  1. I hate you for watching Twilight.

  2. Totally worth it. Incurring your hatred that is, not watching the movie.