Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 31, 2009

An Unexpected Expectancy

I had my last scheduled ob/gyn appointment in Arkansas on Thursday, August 20th. I was only one day shy of 17 weeks at the time, but was ready to beg to high heaven for that ultrasound showing me whether we were having a boy or a girl! The begging worked and GOOD THING IT DID!

The doctor I saw (not my normal one since she was on maternity leave) pulled out his little laptop and began to look through my belly. He got this really confused look on his face and kept glancing over at JT and I.

Doctor: "What exactly did they tell you? When you had your ultrasound earlier..."

Me (with a confused look): "Nothing. Just that we had a healthy baby."

Doctor (confused look and shakes head, then smiles): "Well, you do... but there are two in there."

JT and I were speechless! I was trying too hard to process to know whether to laugh or cry! The nurse laughed after gasping and ran me over a box of tissues. JT kept staring at me to watch my reaction the whole time! After the initial questions of whether they were healthy or not were answered (and yes, they were), the doctor began some more poking around. He told us that Baby B is a boy!!! Kinda fitting huh? JT was thrilled he got his boy. I on the otherhand had visions of two 2 year-old boys playing tug-a-war with the cat! The doctor scheduled me for an emergency ultrasound clinic visit the next morning. We needed to know what Baby A was and whether they were sharing a placenta or not.

When we left the doctor's office JT and I simultaneously called our moms. My mother certainly enjoyed it because she'd periodically ignore me to listen to what JT was telling HIS mom and get excited about THAT. Both our parents were very cute. JT says his parents didn't even believe him at first! My dad just laughed and laughed! We left telling the rest of the family up to them. This is how my dad chose to share the news through email:

Next morning was the longest ultrasound I could EVER have imagined. They found out almost immediately that Baby A was a girl!! Best of both worlds! At least that would mean that baby-shower shopping was now officially failproof for everyone. ;) Oh, and they are NOT sharing a placenta which means I have the best possibility of a complication-free delivery possible--at least with twins that is. Both babies are healthy and even a little bigger than scheduled! A normal single pregnancy puts the baby at 7 ounces at 18 weeks. They were both at 7 ounces a week earlier AND are supposed to be naturally smaller because they're twins! Birth is definitely going to be interesting.

So there we have it! We're having twins!!!!!!!!!!!