Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Their first few weeks

The twins and I came home from the hospital after a 3-day stay. We were all SO happy to be home! That includes JT because he slept there every night in a chair. I told him he could go home and get some decent rest but he wouldn't leave our sides. He's really been the perfect doting father and loving husband.
Porter developed a mild case of jaundice once he came home and had to be under the lights for 4 days. They brought a light suitcase for him and a little mask for his eyes. I felt so bad for him. It was heartbreaking to watch him spend hour after hour lying in there when I know he would've loved to have been held by those who love him. Even now I tear up thinking about it!
From the very get-go our little man has been very aware of his surroundings. His big blue eyes are always open as wide as possible. He also makes the cutest little faces! Our favorite is his "Zoolander" face where he puckers up. Porter is also our lazy boy. Usually, he is content to sleep the day away without too much of a fuss. He also prefers a bottle to breastfeeding and if forced to breastfeed will pretend to do so. He had us fooled for a while! Once we found out what he was doing we were able to up the amount I supplement with and change breastfeeding tactics.
Delilah is our little princess. She wasn't as aware at first but that's beginning to change. She impressed us very quickly with her ability to hold her head up! She began lifting it and looking around while we were still in the hospital. Of course, then her head immediately would crash down into our shoulder...but that's not the point. Delilah also barely fits into any of her clothes! At 6 lbs 11 oz she isn't a very small baby. But she's SO petite that the best fitting clothes are closer to the preemie sizes. Lastly, she is a bit of a drama queen. Delilah tends to fuss over anything really. For a while there it was safe to say it was her if we ever heard one of the babies start to fuss.
The twins both had some issues gaining weight. I wasn't producing enough milk for them and they required a certain amount of food to even pass their blood sugar requirements. Things have evened out since then. They enjoyed being kept close together, although Delilah required it more than Porter did. They snuggled together every day in their little bassinet. They were so cute and funny together! Porter even once turned around and began sucking on Delilah's nose while she slept! Sadly, we couldn't get to a camera in time.

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  1. That last picture is the sweetest picture I've ever seen!! I love it! So adorable