Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 16, 2012


This year was the first year that the twins could understand the concept--and oh did they embrace it with two arms wide open! There hasn't been a day since that they haven't begged for candy from sun up to sun down. I'm hoping that it fades quickly.

My grandma sent Delilah a little Tinker Bell costume and a neighbor let Porter borrow a Captain Hook costume! They were adorable! That same neighbor saved our royal behinds and also let us borrow their Queen of Hearts & Mad Hatter costumes. I wouldn't go so far as to say that we all matched, but there was a definite Disney theme to our festivities. :)

We kicked off the festivities with an afternoon trick or treating at the Riverwoods. The twins LOVED all the candy and music. Delilah even dragged me up on stage with Radio Disney to get my groove on. She quickly backed out though, once she realized that they were learning an actual monster mash routine. We were only interested in freestyle. She and Porter danced on their own the whole time! You'll notice my costume wasn't looking very Queen of Hearts-ish. I figured that a hippie would be easier to chase the twins around in. I'm really glad I did it that way too. They were a handful!

They got to trick-or-treat out of a martini glass! That's a first!

The next night was JT's company Halloween Party. It was nice to get in some quality couple time and enjoy interacting with other adults. The food was great and the people were a lot of fun! We were introduced to a game called SPAZ. JT was pretty much a pro from the get-go while my beginner's luck didn't kick in until our last game. 

Feeling like we hadn't had our share of fun quite yet, we also threw a Trout family Halloween party! It was so nice having all the Utah Trouts gathered together and watching the kids play. We had set up a few games and crafts for them to do, but the cousins were far more enthralled with the balloons and spider web room. They had a blast! 
 This web room was so easy and fun to put together for the kids. I used some white yarn I had on hand to string around the room and tangled 6 giant glitter spiders into it.

 I'm pretty proud of these two Halloween crafts! :) The bats were made by tracing a template I found off the internet onto black paper placemats. I bought the placemats at Zurchers 2 years ago for a little over $1. It is one of the most useful craft purchases I have ever made. I STILL have some left.
Secondly, those ghosts I had the kids make have been so much fun to have hanging around the house! I pulled some mini white paper plates out of the cupboard and let the kids color on 4 each. Then we cut out eyes and a mouth out of the black placemats and the kids had fun gluing those on. Next, I cut white napkins into strips and taped those to the bottom. A hole punch and some string later, we had some cute Halloween ghosts hanging around the house! I loved having the twins run around pointing and yelling "ghosts!!!!!!"

 Little Millie was an adorable Minnie Mouse

 No pictures please!

Zach was a character from Skylander and Anderson was Mickey Mouse

 Colin was Mickey Mouse

Lacie came dressed up as Minnie Mouse with an adorable red tutu! We had a lot of Mickeys in the family!

My Zumba class had their own Halloween party and asked that we all attend in costume. Trying to come up with a costume that I could sweat to death in was a little tricky. In the end, I pulled out JT's old PT shorts and went as a United States Marine. The picture is so dorky, but I'm sure my kids will have something to say about the pictures I've posted of them once they're older. This way, I figure I can say, "Look. Mom looks weird too!"

Halloween night was so much fun. We got all dressed up one more time and went down to the church for trunk-or-treat. The kids skipped dinner in anticipation of candy, and I chose not to fight that battle for just that one night. They ran from car to car asking for candy and saying thank you. I was really proud of them for remembering to only take one piece of candy too! I may have ingrained it in them a little too much though. They looked completely thrown off any time someone offered more than one piece to them. I usually had to step in and accept it for them. Poor confused kids. Let me tell you though, they definitely weren't confused once they were sitting on a couch with a full bag of candy! Oh to be young and so easily overjoyed!

This one last picture is the one I took after we got home that night. We went that whole week never realizing that the collar is actually meant to stand up! The effect was definitely a bit more queenly. Although, I'm sure having a crown helped too. :)

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