Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, today felt pretty eventful. I slept in until 11 am. THAT was nice. Apparently it came as a great sacrifice to JT to let me sleep that long. I'm surprised that he didn't just throw the cat on my face and say "good. you're awake." As I write this he even laughs and says that it's true. We had brunch before I left for work and JT started house work. He's got soo many projects going with this place that it's crazy. Our carpets were really filthy, but thanks to JT's hard work and Joe & Christina's steam cleaner, we finally feel that we can sit on the floor and not catch a disease! He's also cleaning and organizing the office, keeping the cat entertained, attaching screen doors, and cutting down big nasty bushes outside our house! He had a little too much fun with the chainsaw today. Our place faces a busy street, so I guess it caused a lot of commotion to have a big guy out front weilding a chainsaw. Cars actually slowed down to stare!
Later tonight JT and I went out on a date to Los Hermanos. It was yummy, but the best part was the horchata! It's this Mexican rice drink that's phenomenal. When I was a kid my mom would make it especially for me when I got sick. It really upset her that she would spend a day making it and within half an hour it would all be gone! Los Hermanos is the first place I've ever gone that makes it the way she did! It was a nice blast from the past.
After dinner JT and I wanted to be cool. We saw a sign that said there would be a free dance in the canyon so we turned the car around and jetted over there. Big mistake. It was soo bad. We had to wait for the film festival to end, and then half an hour later the dance started. It was techno with a big screen showing scenes from The Fifth Element. Nobody was dancing and the DJ was doing a great job of clearing the floor. JT and I watched the entire thing for a good half hour from a couch. We didn't hear one good song until...of course...we were getting in the car.
We know that as married people we're expected to become respectable homebodies, but we're having a real big problem with that. It seems that you're expected to just sit at home and be...married (?) out here. Everything is geared towards single people. I'm pretty sure we were the only married couple at that entire dance. Why is that? What about marriage means that you have to stop enjoying the things you did when you were single? It just means that you have a permanent buddy. Whatever. JT and I plan to revolutionize this town. Wish us luck.

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