Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 Synopsis

This time last year, JT was still in Iraq. His entire deployment was incredibly difficult for me to deal with. Everything seemed to fall into place that month though. (1) I couldn't pay for second semester at BYU: no problem. BYU lets you defer a semester while still holding your spot. (2) I needed to be surrounded by people who understood what I was dealing with as well as possible: the Trouts generously opened their home to me. (3) I needed a job to save up money for the wedding: Build A Bear was more than happy to transfer my position to Riverside. I was so blessed.

Jonathan surprised all of us and came home a lot earlier than expected! We had been dating now for 3 years but had never spent a Valentine's Day together. Our first year together he was deployed to Iraq. The second year I was at school while he was on base. I thought that 2008 was going to be a repeat of our first year together. I was pleasantly surprised! He was home just in time for Valentine's Day and wedding preparations. This month was also our one year anniversary of being engaged!
Before our wedding we went through the Redlands Temple for our endowments. It was an incredible experience. Members of both of our families attended. A week later we were married in the Newport Beach Temple! Absolutely everything was perfect. The wedding, the reception, the family--none of it could have been better.
We left for our honeymoon cruise to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It was a lot of fun and we did catch a slight tan! When we got back into town JT's mom met us at the apartment and helped us sort through the wedding gifts and settle in. This month we had a lot of fun "playing house". I didn't have a job yet, but I did have plenty of time. JT would leave in the morning for work in his uniform. I'd kiss him goodbye and sleep in. After waking, I would get up and exercise, clean the house, and do whatever I wanted to! Around 5:30pm he would come home and I'd be cooking dinner in the kitchen. It was all really cute! We also went to the pound and adopted our kitten Snickers this month. She was sooo small!

JT was still attending work as usual during the week and I was getting bored. Watching the cat and cleaning the house just wasn't that attractive anymore. I found work at the Staples in San Clemente as a cashier. I soon grew to love my job as they continued to give me more hours and responsibilities. This was the 3 year anniversary of our first date. My cousin J'Lene married David this month. We got to attend the wedding in the Los Angeles Temple! It was wonderful being with family all dressed in white. It's just like I always imagined it.

I turned 21 this month. Having to work on my birthday was a downer, but JT made the best of it!

JT's brother Stephen married Lacie in the Salt Lake City Temple. We went up to Utah to celebrate and see the family. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun week. JT had HIS birthday this month and turned 23. It seemed like every time I bought him a present he'd go out and buy it for himself! I about went crazy! Thankfully, in the end I was able to come up with unique presents.

I put in my two weeks notice with the Staples in San Clemente and we made plans to move to Provo, UT. By this time JT was both a Marine and a Wells Fargo teller. We spent the month enjoying the last days of Summer and packing. We had enjoyed a Summer of family visits and walks on the beach. JT's mom and dad came to help us pack a lot. It was stressful finally getting out the door! Snickers managed to get stuck under the sink minutes before we left. She's lucky we love her. We drove to Utah, unloaded the U-Haul, and got me settled. My mom stayed with me while JT went back to California to finish out his term in the USMC.

Fall semester at BYU began and I secured a job with Staples in Provo. JT got out of the USMC after four years with all the same limbs that he joined with. It was nice to finally be reunited.

Halloween, school, and work comprised all of this month. JT was able to get a job at a Wells Fargo in Provo.

School grew more intense and we prepared for the holidays. Thanksgiving brought all the Trouts to Utah. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house.
Finals were wickedly hard--but fulfilling. JT earned recognition for his exceptional performance at work and will soon be receiving corporate recognition. We went home to Riverside for Christmas, Ohio for Grandma Pace's funeral, and back to Riverside for New Years.

The year has been crazy busy and very memorable. I loved it. It was the best year of my life. It will be hard for 2009 to top.


  1. Hi KK I loved reading your synopsis and only wish I wasn't lazy enough to blog one too!:) Just one little typo David and I were married in May. Close enough though :) I'm just honored to have made it in the synopsis. Guess what I though I was going crazy because I felt the baby was kicking, but my friend Deneb felt it too! So exciting

  2. Well at least you guys had a good year. For most people, I figure by December 31st, most people were just begging to end 2008. Hopefully 2009 will be far far better.