Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ooops! Happy birthday Stephen!!

Stephen we are sooo sorry! We tried to start this new tradition of blogging a happy birthday to family members and we already failed with the second birthday in January. Forgive us! It was Stephen's 22nd birthday! You can check out his and Lacie's blog for birthday happenings. We were able to be there for his dinner at the Olive Garden. Thanks for the invite! We loved spending some of his birthday with him.
So story time...I'll have to get JT to add a story of his own. But until he gets home, mine will have to do. Stephen is one of those people who seems to always be able to figure things out. His perseverance and excellent listening skills make it downright near impossible to hide things from him! In seminary I sat next to him and Stephen Huyck. He'd laugh at me for bouncing to stay awake. After seminary I would always be gossipping about some new boy I liked with Janice, Kylie, and Keena. We used clever code names (sooo clever. If the name was Alex the code was X. Lame, I know). Stephen would ask who it was and quietly listen until we forgot he was listening. After a while he'd suddenly look and blurt out the name of whatever boy we were talking about! It happened like clockwork EVERY time!!!! I couldn't figure out how he did it! The ONLY time we ever kept a secret from him was when JT and I started dating. Even then though, all it took was seeing JT pick me up from seminary once to figure it out. He's always been a genius kid.

Happy Birthday Stephen!

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