Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Babies 1st visit to Caliornia--Herran style

We survived it! We packed the kids into the car and arrived in Las Vegas without any problems. JT and I had fun playing ridiculous games along the way. One was naming as many animals as we could think of. When it looked like I might win JT began saying "black bear...brown bear...black bear". He still thinks he won.
I had been concerned because previous car rides hadn't gone as smoothly, but I guess I underestimated the power of the freeway. The babies enjoyed being pampered by Aunt Linda before heading into California the next morning. We spent some time with JT's parents and my own the rest of the day.
Saturday we all piled into the Trout van and drove to San Fernando to visit the Herran side of the family. I thought the babies would've been sick of driving, but they were perfectly serene!

Porter and Delilah got to meet their Great Great Grandma Herran. She looked pretty spiffy for the event!

We were also happy to have them meet their Great Grandma Trout. Porter loved her cuddling abilities from the start.

Cheryl talking with Grandma Trout. The table behind them is filled with Bear Pit BBQ food. It's AWESOME. Seriously.
These pictures were so adorable! Both of Dawn's kids held the babies like seasoned pros.

Great Great Grandma was brave enough to tackle them both at once! It took me forever to try that one.

Pictures with the menfolk:

Pictures with the girls:

I love the chaos that breaks out directly after a photo has been taken. Unfortunately, this is the only photo we have of Wendy holding one of the kids.

Great Great Grandma Herran holding Porter and Great Grandma Trout holding Delilah

Both babies with their Great Grandma and Grandpa Trout

Lastly, one more group shot:

We were happy that the babies had the opportunity to meet the Herran side of the family. It was especially important to JT. He will definitely cherish those memories.

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