Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our (almost) 8 month-old twins!

I can't believe how quickly my babies have grown up!  It's so sad that my little newborns are gone.  Don't get me wrong, I'm LOVING the full nights of sleep and not having one or both babies in bed with me.  But I still want my little miniature Porter & Delilah to cuddle with!  Okay though, this post isn't about me whining.  It's about THEM.
Oh my goodness I adore these cuties! They keep me so busy now.  My biggest problem is that Mommy isn't as cool as she used to be and they get bored a LOT quicker than they used to.  Thank heavens for our "Los Pollitos" song in those moments. It always stops them in their tracks and brings out the smiles.  Or there's always distracting them with each other. It's super adorable to see the way they start smiling and laughing while holding hands. :) 
Don't worry. He doesn't actually sit forward facing in it. He's was modeling his big boy carseat since he's now 23 lbs!
Visiting Daddy at work

Our mischievous little Porter is always ready to go.  Just look at that little smile! He wakes up (and actually wants out of bed) at about 8:30 am.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a lucky girl.  My babies like to sleep about 12 hours a night and only wake up at 6am for a bottle before going back to sleep. I know how blessed I am. Anyways, I'll walk in there to pick him up and get greeted with the BIGGEST smile I've ever seen as he begins to bounce on all fours.  He gets super excited to see me (and get rescued) after he's slept.
I bring him into bed with me hoping against hope that he'll want to spend 5 minutes cuddling with Mommy.  Not a chance. He flips over onto his stomach and almost army crawls his way off the bed about 10 times before I give up and head to the living room.
Since Mommy & Daddy haven't yet figured out that it's easier to babyproof the house before bed, I spend a good half hour cleaning up the living room and telling Porter that once again he is not allowed to eat wires/cables of any sort.  When he hears me say no he does one of 2 things: he either drops the cable out of his mouth and starts to fuss or makes eye contact with me and then continues chomping away. Why do I feel like he's already prepping me for the teenage years?!
The rest of the day alternates between his meal, nap, and play schedule.  He gets plenty of time playing on the floor with Mom and Delilah.  There's also quite a bit of time where he's thrilled to play in the jumper that Grandma and Grandpa Trout bought him.  I think the girls that live in our basement must think there's a kangaroo living up here!
Porter and Delilah share the same nap schedule: Anywhere from 9-10am small nap (if they've been up for at least an hour), 12-2pm nap, 4-5:30/6pm nap, and 8pm is bedtime.
Food is greatly enjoyed by all.  Porter is very particular about getting all the food he deserves. He has 4 teeth (I can't believe it!!!) so he can munch away on things like multigrain cheerios, pieces of cheese, and mashed/chopped (really really really finely) foods.  Tonight we tried pinto beans for the first time.  He locked his mouth and turned away from the spoon every time.  Delilah was more than happy to finish his portion for him. :)
Porter is just really a boy.  He's curious, active, strong, happy, and headstrong. I LOVE it.
Our little Delilah girl is just full to the brim with personality! She's a happy little girl that has no problem letting you know how she feels...immediately.
On the mornings that I go in and get Porter first, she waits until she sees me picking him up and then bursts into tears because she isn't the one being held. It doesn't matter that she MUST know I'm coming back for her. She cries until I reappear and pick her up. Then she flashes the biggest smiles possible and babbles to her heart's content.
During the day she just has one simple rule to keep her happy (aside from feeding her and letting her sleep): I must hold her at all times.  No joke.  Funny thing is though, I LOVE IT! I really thought it would bother me more since there's always a million things to do.  Maybe having Porter no longer feel the need to cuddle with me has made me aware of how precious this stage really is.
In fact, Delilah likes spending time with me so much that she has no interest in doing anything to become mobile.  When I put her on her stomach, the most she'll do is hold her head up for a few minutes and then decide to take a nap or fuss with her face into the carpet. She doesn't want to crawl or roll. She has recently learned how to sit upright, although I feel like she knew all along.  You see, I worked with her nonstop to get her to sit up and she never would.  Then a few weeks ago JT and I bought the twins a fun little tree/animal toy.  Guess who suddenly knew how to sit up all by her lonesome?  Yep. Since purchasing the toy she has spent a lot more individual time on the floor sitting upright.  I just have to be careful that I don't let her see me walk by, hold her brother, or feed her brother. 
I'm not sure if I'm just making her sound like a demanding little brat, but I assure you she's not! I can't get over how sweet she is.  She's always cuddling with me, breaking out into spontaneous giggles, or letting me play games with her.
Maybe when they turn 1 then Porter will want to play with ME and Delilah will want to learn how to do...anything really.  That could be a longshot though...

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  1. 8 months old?!? Where does the time go??? They are SO stinking cute and I love how different they are. I hope I get to meet them!