Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Hubby Contest

Have you heard about The Dating Divas yet??? If not, then be sure to head over there right now! It's a site run by a group of women who work hard on their marriages by coming up with creative dates.  I've gotten a lot of good ideas from them before, like the sleepover camp-out date I had with JT!

Right now they're hosting a Hot Hubby Contest on their Facebook page. The prize is a family/couples photo shoot along with a professional stylist to do our hair!!!! Best prize ever!!!!

I've entered JT into the running as entry number #88. It's a picture of him sleeping in bed with the twins. I love it because it shows his love for me and them.  Their entire first year of life, JT chose to get up with them EVERY time they woke up EVERY night.  He honestly enjoyed spending time with them! He also loved knowing that even though he couldn't be there during the day to help me, he could show his support each night by letting me catch a few extra winks. I never once asked him to do it! This tough handsome man went from pulling all-nighters defending our country in Iraq to all-nighters with babies' spit-up on his shirt. My hubby is HOT!

The only way we can win is if enough people "Like" JT's photo.  Please head over the The Dating Divas Facebook page, "Like" it, and then "Like" the photo in their contest album.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

THANK YOU for all your support. I'm giddy to even have a chance at winning this amazing prize!

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