Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

JT Update

Now it's time for me to make JT blush. ;)
JT has had a VERY busy year. Actually, it's much more accurate to call it a whirlwind.

Employment: JT really amazes me with that crazy work ethic of his. Even with all the job changes, he made sure we never went without. I am absolutely sure that it is all due to the dedication of my sweet husband and the tender mercy of our Heavenly Father. As stressful as it was for us at the time, I can now laugh in relief and say that there wasn't a single job he held that wasn't exactly what our family needed at the time. God's hand in everything was very obvious to us.

But now it's time for the EXCITING news!!! Monday was JT's FIRST day at Northwestern Mutual! He is so excited for this new opportunity and we can't begin to explain how right it all feels. With unemployment rates being so ridiculously high, knowing that JT not only found a wonderful job, but secured a job that will lead him directly into his career choice---there really are no words.
Plus, my baby looks good in a suit. :)

Hobby: JT's temporary job as a physical fitness trainer with Gold's Gym got him back into the fitness world.  He loves studying the latest training techniques, making his own gym equipment, and watching the progress that he and others make along the way.
JT even ran the Spartan Race this year! I was so proud of him. He tripped at the beginning of the race and jammed his shin into a rock that cut him pretty deep. He just got right back up and continued on with the obstacle laden half marathon! That right there is the definition of tenacity.

His renewed interest in fitness has had him lose a LOT of weight. We're still trying to find the before pictures he took, so the Christmas family picture from 2010 will have to do. I wish I had better pictures though. The before and after don't do him enough justice.
He won't be slimming down much more though. He has toning and muscle gain on the mind now. I can't wait to see how he does! 

Church: JT has moved up from his cub scouts calling in our last ward to the 11 year old boy scout troop. He has a lot of fun with those kids and it's a lot of fun to see his inner kid get to come out and play. There have already been 2 overnighters and although I'm not a fan of him leaving, I'm glad he gets the opportunity to go rough it up once and a while. At the end of the day, it's about connecting with the kids. It warms my heart to see the boys excitedly call to JT when they see him in the front yard and invite him over for a basketball game. I get a quick kiss on the cheek and away he goes!

Us: JT definitely keeps us young! His youthful antics are never at an end. This summer I ended up with an entire bucket of unused water balloons and JT started an impromptu fight in the backyard. We were ducking left and right and trying to take each other out! I finally ran around the side of the house and hid in front of our garage so I could get him when he came around the corner. I guess I'm pretty predictable because JT came barreling around the corner will balloons ready to go! I ran away screaming and he ran back to the backyard laughing. In my righteous anger, I turned around and ran back to attack him...only to have him jump out at me from behind the trashcans! I jumped backwards screaming and was completely annihilated by water balloons. There was a lady walking down the driveway next to us who saw the entire thing. She died laughing and told me that she wished that she carried a video camera with her. I'm kind of glad she didn't...but I can definitely appreciate the humor of the situation. :)
He'll also go to any length possible to make me smile. When I told him one night that I was in need of a good laugh, JT immediately got to thinking. A couple minutes later he came back into the room with a stack of paper and began to teach me how to make my own paper airplanes! It was so sweet of him! Then we had paper airplane races down the hallway. Probably not the smartest thing we've ever done since the twins were already in bed...but it was worth it! It's actually become one of my favorite memories of JT.

Parenthood: When we dated, I knew that JT liked kids. I never could have imagined how much he REALLY loves kids. There are so many times that I've been frustrated by something the twins are doing and ready to cry about it when JT comes home. He of course thinks whatever they're doing is the most adorable thing he's ever seen and just melts. He is so happy to be a dad.
The kids adore him too. There was one time where JT surprised us at the gym. He went in with me to pick them up from the daycare and created a big scene. The twins screamed their heads off and took off running as fast as they could to get to their daddy. He melted, of course, and scooped them both up. I'm so glad JT isn't a little guy. Otherwise, I don't know that he could survive two 2 year olds slamming into him at full speed on a regular basis. Haha. Anyways, the entire thing was absolutely adorable and had a lot of the workers smiling. You'd think that he'd been gone for days--not hours.

So there you have it. JT in five minutes or less. :) I know there's no way I can do him proper justice, but I figure that I'll fill in the things I've missed as I begin to regularly update.
Up next: Me!

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