Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coming your way from the Natural State...

The official tour of the Trout travel logs begins now:
Last parting shot of Utah!

"I wanna see!"
The cage door broke so we had to barricade Snickers in. There was only ONE escape.

Unfortunately, we drove through Colorado at night at missed seeing the Rockies. Next time we won't make that same mistake.

Driving through Kansas.
We're not in Kansas anymore Toto....oh wait, we are!!!!!

Aunt Traci (my mom's sister) was sweet enough to host us for a day! I highly recommend her guest room. :)

In the morning we got up EARLY (9am) and picked up my Grandpa Wolfe for breakfast at IHOP.

After a fun breakfast we headed out to the Hutchinson Zoo! It was awesome!!!

I got to milk a fake cow! I got pretty good at it too.

JT and I were groundhogs! I was impressed that JT actually crawled into those tunnels.

Then we went to play at the park!!!

This was after he offered to go on the teeter totter with a kid and Grandpa got passed over for an older brother. Sad face.

I was too whimpy to follow.Then we stopped at an old fashioned ice cream soda shoppe. I liked my chocolate soda! For dinner they took us to an AMAZING Mongolian grill. We highly recommend it to everyone.

JT says this is a picture of him. He's awesome with a spear.

Then it was sadly time for us to take off and to begin our 2 hour journey to El Dorado, KS.

We spent the night at Aunt Connie's and Uncle Dave's (on JT's mom's side). Aunt Connie was the only one home though. We had a LOT of fun talking with her and staying up late! In the morning she got up and made us her famous Connie pancakes! They're HUGE! She wasn't very receptive to early morning picture taking so JT will have to do.

We then packed up and headed off to Little, Rock Arkansas! Beautiful land with a lot of green. We have the perfect view from our balcony! You'd never know that beneath all those trees there are tons of houses and businesses.

This happens pretty frequently by the way. We have NEVER even tried to get Snickers anywhere near Mija's cage. I guess she likes it...

So there you have it. We've reached the end of our journey. JT's kicking butt with his sales. I believe he's the 2nd highest selling new guy in the region and in the top 50 for the entire company! I'm really proud of him. Good job hunny! This week has started off a lot slower but we're keeping our morale high. I recently began working in the office and, so far, really like it! It's nice having something to do and being able to work closely with the Trouts. Love you all! Bye now.

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