Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally figured it out

Hello everyone! Sorry it's taken me so long to blog again.  We haven't had internet.  This isn't my official post though.  The real one will be coming later today. I was just so happy to be online I had to let everyone know!  I'll hopefully figure out how to load pictures onto this computer (keep your fingers crossed)!  
Quick summary:
Wednesday: we left Provo, UT and checked in at a pet-friendly hotel in Denver, CO around 1 am.
Thursday: we left Colorado and arrived in Hutchinson, KS at about 9 pm and stayed with my Aunt Traci.
Friday: We went out to eat, to the zoo, and drove around with Aunt Traci and Grandpa Wolfe.  That night we left and drove the 2 hours to El Dorado, KS to stay with Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave.  Uncle Dave was MIA driving a truck out in Nebraska somewhere though.  
Saturday: We left after having breakfast with Connie and made it all the way to Little Rock, AK! We did a quick Walmart run before picking up Nathan from the airport.
Sunday: Church and dinner with the Trout boys and Anna
Monday: JT's first day of sales and hectic unpacking
Tuesday: JT's first sale!!!!!!! and more hectic unpacking.....
Wednesday: unpacking.......
Thursday: I'm finally relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End.  Pictures and fun will follow.

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  1. I'm so happy you're settling in! And I"m even more happy you made it through Kansas. That's quite a feat! Haha. Congrats to JT for a sale so quick, Dan says that's a good sign that you guys will have a great summer.