Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camp Hope

A few weeks ago JT and I headed out to Missouri for his platoon reunion and charity fundraiser. The camp is named after a fellow platoon-member (Chris Neal) who was killed while they were on deployment. It's a cabin out in the woods that provides relaxation and fun for injured servicemen. There's skeet shooting, fishing, four-wheeling, etc. I don't really have a whole lot to say about it because I didn't participate very much. We thought the other Marines were bringing their families but...I was the only wife there! I went straight to bed the first night and they all stayed out on the front porch catching up. From the racket they were making all the way into the morning, I'm assuming they had a good time! The next day was the fundraiser and BBQ. I sat on the front porch talking with someone's grandmother. JT won a shooting contest and got a $25 gift card to bass pro shop! That night we all got dressed up and headed off to the banquet. They were presentations, pictures, and money donations. But sufficeth to say, the Marines were happy to be able to unbutton their collars and head into the bar for a drink when it was all over. The next day they slept in and went fishing. These were really great guys and I was so happy to finally meet the men who took care of my JT.

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