Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jonathan's Patience

Last week we stopped by the mall for some window shopping and a haircut for JT.  It was a lot of fun and I even got a new pair of workout pants out of it!  On our way to the salon JT brought up the nursery we would need to start prepping when we got back to Provo.  He asked me if I had any thoughts on color schemes.  Notice: he asked for thoughts.  I promptly responded, "Yes. It's going to be seafoam green and white. We'll have a white molding on the bottom third of the wall and the top 2/3 will be seafoam.  We'll paint the wall to look like panels by alternating with a gloss. If we have a boy we then add blue decor.  If a girl, then the decor is pink. Either way, there's no major remodeling when the second kid comes along." His eyes got BIG.  I guess I'm gonna have to get better at including him in my decision making......*sigh*. I'm hopeless.
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  1. That's to funny, I think your idea sounds way cute. Maybe you'll have twins and then you can add pink and blue!