Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kamikaze Kitty

I've been holding back on blogging because I wanted to wait until I had pictures to go with it. Today I realized that I was just letting life pass me by unnoticed. So if I ever get pictures for anything I'll just post it and refer the reader back to the blog about it. Here's where we begin:

One Sunday JT and I came home and noticed that our cat Snickers was nowhere to be found. We figured she was in deep hiding and soon forgot about it. HOURS later we realized that she had still not made an appearance! We began to tear the house apart. We vividly remembered the last time she got stuck in a wall or under the couch. We figured this was just a repeat. We had no such "luck". She was definitely NOT in the house! I decided that I was ok with it. Since she wanted to escape us that badly, she could have the outside world! Good thing we hadn't declawed her! JT was a lot more concerned than I was. Eventually my humanity won out and I realized that she was probably scared somewhere.
Then JT noticed the window was open and the screen was jiggled loose. We were 3 floors up!!! JT headed down into the brush to find her and I went to find a flashlight. We were honestly looking for a body by this time. Suddenly, JT heard a faint meow! She was 100% ok and hiding in a bush!!!
It wasn't until a day later that I noticed a cut with dried blood on the back of her neck and the limp she had developed. We took her to the vet who was shocked to see her alive! The vet said her injuries were from a fight with another cat. Her back paw had been bitten. SO sad. She survived a 3 floor free-fall only to have her booty handed to her by a tough outside cat! What luck.

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