Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 28, 2011

In Memory of Ryan Casper

This week an old friend of mine lost her dear sweet husband. I never got to meet Ryan and I never spent time with them as a couple. But just knowing the kind of person Sheri is automatically let's me know that Ryan was a very special man. Rather than writing about this myself, I'd like to pass it off to one of Sheri Casper's best childhood friends, Kina Scott. The following is a post that she put together that really touched my heart.

To my childhood best friend, Sheri Nelson Casper, I love you and my heart aches for your loss. My family's prayers go out to you. Ryan is one of a kind, and the other side of the veil is so lucky to have him home.

Sheri and I were best friends way back when we were 4 and our moms had us go to playgroup together in California. We schemed plans to get the boys we wanted, sang pop songs together, painted each others toenails, and even had a secret notebook we passed letters back and forth in. When we went to college we both moved to Utah, and lived together in an apartment in Orem for a summer. She was engaged to Ryan Casper, and married him that September of 2007. He was so smitten by her, you knew he'd jump in front of a bullet for her without taking a second thought. They moved back to California, and I am so sad to say we lost touch. Until this morning, when I learned Ryan passed away yesterday. A blood clot traveled to his brain and exploded, collapsing his brain. He's now on life support, but has no brain activity, and Sheri is pulling him off the machines in two days. Ryan is 27, much too young for someone as smart, loving, and hard working as he is. I could not even imagine losing my husband (Sheri is only 22), and I am heartbroken for her. I am so thankful they were sealed for eternity, so that she will be with her sweetheart again. I love you two, and Ryan, rest in beautiful peace.
My heart goes out to Sheri. That post was written 3 days ago and Ryan has since passed away. I now have something to ask of you, dear reader. Sheri is now left as a young widow to bear the burden of a funeral and the building up of a new life. They did not have life insurance. My heart breaks that in the midst of this tragedy, Sheri would be forced to deal with the reality of her situation. Knowing the little I do about Ryan, this is a gift I hope we can give to him--peace of mind.  

The Ryan Casper Benefit Memorial Fund has been opened on his behalf at Wells Fargo. It is a donations-only account and is currently active.  The account number is 2528170810.  People have already begun to go above and beyond in their generosity and we cannot thank them enough.
Please, consider contributing whatever you can. We hope to at least help Sheri to be able to cover funeral costs. She is one of us. In the Casper family's time of need, let us all pull together.  Together, we can help.
With all sincerity of heart, thank you.
P.S. JT set up the account yesterday but has heard that some people have had difficulty locating it. The account number should be under "Ryan Casper" or "Sheri Casper". If those do not work yet though, "Jonathan Trout" will at least pull up the account since he set it up. Thank you again.

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