Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy birthday Porter & Delilah!

I cannot believe that my sweet little babies are now big one year-olds! Ahhh! Not that I am biased or anything, but they have got to be the cutest one year-olds in the WORLD! No joke friends. Be jealous.

I got the inspiration for their birthday party from Ell Belle Creative and put the ol' Trout spin on their "One Year Old in a Flash" theme.
I free-handed those letters! Booyah! My friend Kina cut the green flash out of a plastic tablecloth. The "filmstrip" was made of paper placemats with 8x10 photos taped on top of them. So EASY but it ended up being the coolest part.

Lacie's mom photo-shopped the birthday hats on the twins for me. I remembered reading an easy how-to on a blog once about how to make your own cupcake stand (sorry I don't remember which one). So I cut out 3 cardboard circles, mod podged colorful tablecloths to them, and used cans wrapped in paper to set up the stand. I was so happy with the way it turned out!

For your enjoyment, here is Delilah enjoying her birthday cupcake!

And here is Porter!

Now that the high chairs were permanently dyed pink & blue, it was time to clean off those little munchkins!

The party was a complete success and we enjoyed having so many friends around. The twins are VERY loved and definitely have a liking for sweets. :)
I'll leave you with this last parting photo...happy 2011 everyone!


  1. Too Cute!! Happy Birthday mini primos! Everything turned out amazing. Good job super mama.

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! I can't believe they are 1 already. K, you did an awesome job planning the party. The decorations looked amazing.