Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anniversary week: Day 2

One of my friend's on the good 'ol book of face suggested that JT and I have a James Bond night.  Brilliant, right?!  Well it only works if you've got your whits about you. :) I'll explain what I mean.

The plan was to cook a series of appetizer for dinner and to serve mocktails. We'd both dress up and enjoy a game or two of cards while watching Casino Royale (which also happens to be one of JT's favorite movies).  Then at 8:15 pm I was supposed to have arranged for neighbor kids to attack our home and surprise the unsuspecting JT. It would be a short but fun blown out battle in the street, in which my personal 007 would triumph and return to me.

And here's how it actually went...
I totally dropped the ball. I forgot I was supposed to be busy setting everything up and didn't even have the necessary groceries! Note to self: grocery shop BEFORE Anniversary Week.
I only roped two boys into helping and they got confused by JT being outside trying to jump-start a car. I had told them they would be attacking us with JT inside the house. So no movie, no cards, and no tuxedo an hour later, they finally attacked. My husband played dirty and scared them off with an unloaded paintball gun. NO FAIR.
Battle in the street never happened. But they did shoot at him a few times before retreating. Not a total loss.

Moral of the story: Get up off your lazy behind and set it up.
Gotcha. Will do next time.

But hey, JT brought me home my favorite mizithra pasta for dinner!! So at least as far as I am concerned, last night was a MAJOR win.

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  1. Awww. Seriously, you guys are really cute and I'm happy to see that having twins has not ruined the romance in your life! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!