Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Concert

Last Thursday was a pretty eventful day for us. If you've been reading our blog, you know that a few weeks ago we held a BYU football game party. Well one of the couples was JT's work buddy and his girlfriend. That delightful girlfiend of his invited us to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert on Thursday. We were stoked! I haven't been able to go since Christmas of 2007 when Sissel was the featured artist. This time around...no, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Thursday afternoon I got out of class and headed out shopping for JT's Christmas presents. Since JT had the car for work, I rode out on his scooter. I prefer riding his around town since it can at least reach 45 mph. Anyways, I figured that the concert started at 7:30pm so we would need to be on the freeway by 6:30pm. I had plenty of time right? Ha! No. The darling scooter broke down in the Staples parking lot. Dead. The alarm button wouldn't even work. I already quit Staples! There should be no reason for me to spend a prolonged amount of time there. JT wasn't able to reach me until 5:30, at which point he took the scooter and left me the car. I had to finish up my shopping before heading home. We were not on the freeway until 6:45. I was stressed.
We made it into Salt Lake City and parked with 10 minutes to spare. The only problem was that in order to avoid bumper to bumper traffic, we parked 5 bajillion miles away! We ran all the way there--and I was in heels. We were freaking out!
Five minutes past 7:30, we entered the conference center only to find that the concert didn't start until 8! I about chucked somebody over the railing! At least the company was wonderful! We really like spending time with Chris and Amanda.
The concert was great. The headline singer was Brian Stokes Mitchell. We had never heard of him before, but it seemed like everyone else had! He sang JT's favorite song for the night: "The Friendly Beasts". He was really funny.

My personal favorite was the telling of the story behind "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". It was the most moving thing I've heard all Christmas season. Then again, I've always loved that song and I've always loved that actor. The actor was Edward K. Herrmann, aka Richard Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls"!!! I wish that I had brought a season for him to sign! It was awesome!

After the concert we had dinner at the Garden in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. If you have not been there then I highly suggest making the attempt at some point. It is great food and the glass windows look over top the temple! Beautiful. We laughed and talked the entire time. We are really enjoying our time out here--regardless of finals!

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  1. aww!! it sounds like you had such a fun time!! :)