Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 29, 2008

Update #2

Last Monday night Lacie, Stephen, JT and I planned to go to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. We ended up heading out a little late and had to meet Lacie and Stephen there. It was really really cold! The lights were beautiful though.

This is the nativity scene they had set up on the reflection pond.

They humored me and let me take them on a tour of the Church History Museum children's department. The exhibit takes you through the stages of life and teaches about Christ. The beginning is a hospital room where the kids play the nurses and doctors taking care of newborn babies. Lacie couldn't resist picking out the Black baby she'll never have.

JT and I have to hold on extra tight to that iron rod! If only it weren't so narrow...

Boys will be boys. They always want in to that great and spacious building.

Partaking of the tree of life together.

We were there, I promise!!!

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