Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 29, 2008

Update #1

We are SOO sorry that it has taken us so long to update our blog! Things have been so busy lately that every time we sat down to update, suddenly there was something ELSE to write about! So...here we go.
Last Sunday we received the news that JT's grandmother would most likely be passing away before nightfall. This was really hard and the siblings immediately came together to comfort one another. They were all worried about each other. Yes it was breaking the Sabbath, but we decided to go out to the Olive Garden together. We planned to go to Joe and Christina's afterwards. Looking through our pictures of the Olive Garden reminds me of how important family is, especially in moments like this.

JT decided that Lacie needed some help eating her salad. The table next to us gave us a dirty look

I think this picture is one of those "you had to be there to get it" ones. All Lacie wanted to drink was a Coke and a lime. Simple right? This delightful little lime was "rotten:. As hard as she squeezed, absolutely NOTHING would come out. With our then-current moods, we found it absolutely hillarious!

Another thing we thought was funny at the time: Lacie's aversion to the smell of kalamari. We thought she was going to puke. The worst part was that we didn't even like it all that much and barely ate it.

JT being forced to eat the offensive kalamari

Funny Stephen. I've never seen anyone's eyes do that before.

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