Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Baby Blessing

Sunday morning arrived bright and early. We got ourselves dressed and headed out to the church. Delilah's dress was made by her very own Grandma Trout! Since she had also made my wedding dress, she pulled out the extra fabric, lace, and rhinestones she had from my gown and made one for Delilah! Porter got to wear the exact same blessing outfit JT wore when HE was blessed! Back when we began planning it all JT kept telling me how special it all was. It really was.
We knew it was still risky to take the babies directly into a room full of potentially germ-laden people so we kept the twins in the foyer for the beginning of Sacrament. The ward was getting a new bishopric that day and had packed the hall. After the Sacrament had been passed Bishop Jensen announced the baby blessings. JT scooped up Delilah in her beautiful little dress and walked to the front of the congregation. Mike, Uncle Rick, and Grandpa Trout joined JT. From my side of the family he had my dad, John, Lito, Tio Greg, Tio Michael, and Tony join the circle. JT held Delilah in his arms while the men all placed their hands underneath her and bowed their heads for the blessing. Jarom held the microphone for JT as he began to speak. The blessing was beautiful and heartfelt. Delilah's name was added to the records of the church. When he finished the blessing JT held her up for the whole congregation to see. He was met with a general chuckle.
Knowing that my family was extensive and that we wanted everyone involved in the blessing, we decided to split them up between the twins so that the circle wasn't TOO big. I carried Porter up to the front of the congregation and handed him off to JT and took Delilah from his arms. I stepped to the side. JT's side of the family stayed, as did my dad, brother, and grandpa. This time Tio Balta and David joined the circle. Bolton had a cold and wouldn't risk getting Porter sick by joining in. Once again the circle closed and this time JT blessed our little boy.
Looking back on those two blessings I have to say that the experience was all very surreal. You know those moments you wait for all your life that seem to rush past you once they finally arrive? That's how it was for me. I told JT it was the most important day of my life. At first he cocked an eyebrow at me saying "well, what about our wedding day?" Of course I reassured him about our wedding day but explained that the baby blessing was the culmination of what was started that day. The biggest and most wonderful dream of my life wasn't to get married. No, I had dreamt of more. My dream was to marry a wonderful man who loved me and to have children with him that we would raise together in the church. Blessing Porter and Delilah and having their names added to the records of the church was it. No matter how many more children we have now, we've done it! I'm living my dream. I was SO happy. I sincerely hope that Porter and Delilah derive strength from that blessing. As they grow up and prepare to receive their patriarchal blessings, they'll always have this one to look back on. In it they'll feel the love of both their earthly father and their Heavenly Father. There's nothing more I could ask for.

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  1. How wonderful! :) I love all of your pictures and I am so happy that you are living your dream...yay!