Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

Home sweet chaos

The title of this blog fits our situation just perfectly. I'm having a hard time finding the words to begin the story. I'll start with the background.
JT and I have 2 girls that live in our basement. One really likes animals and said she would be happy to watch ours any time we went out of town. Naturally, we took her up on the offer when we left for California. Things didn't go so well from there on out.

1. Urine...and lots of it. Our carpets were SOAKED! It smelled sooo bad. It took forever to get it under control. Mia is lucky to be alive.

2. Mia chewed up JT's basketball shorts.

3. Mia shredded my boppy. The filling was strewn up and down our hall.

4. Mia chewed up a section of our carpet.

5. Snickers is gone. Our "basement girl" took Mia out once and our cat ran out. It was during a snowstorm so we're hoping she found another home. Either way, she's gone.

It was the worst possible homecoming I could ever imagine! It was very emotional for us. Thank goodness it's over!

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