Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last but not least...

Up until now I have blogged about our trip to California, our visit with the Herrans, the baby blessing itself, and the family time with the Trouts. All that's left is the visit with the Mezas! As I was going through photos picking which ones I would post, I realized that I didn't take any of the kids with either set of grandparents. In fact, the only reason there are pictures of the kids with my parents is because we left our camera at their house and said "have fun" while JT and I left for a date. So Bonnie, in case I forget to ask and you end up reading this, please email some pictures from that weekend if you have any!

*Back to the story*

After we spent time with the Trouts it was time to head over to my Tia Kembly's for the Meza family gathering. We decided to change the kids. Delilah didn't have a dress to change into but Porter did have a tuxedo. :) I really didn't want him staining his and his daddy's blessing outfit. Plus, he just looked so absolutely adorable in it!

See? I told you so. By the time we actually left for my Tia's house the twins were being anxiously awaited. We got 3 or so phone calls on our way up. When we got there it was the usual chaos. We were happy that JT's parents and Katie were able to come with us. It was sweet of them to come even though it's hard not knowing anyone!

This one is the twins with Bill and Kathryn. They're adopted Tio & Tia.

Cousin J'Lene and Delilah
Cousin Heather and Delilah. Tia Kenya and Delilah...I'm beginning to think someone stole Porter.
cousin Sidney and Delilah. Hmmm....

AH! There's Porter! His Tio John stole him. John's girlfriend Kelly held Delilah.

My cousin Hannah and Delilah.

Sweet little Sophie and Eliza holding the twins.

John taking a "nice" picture with Kelly.

My Tia Kembly and the twins. It was at this point that she promptly ran away with them!

My cousin Karen feeding Porter.

Tia Jillian feeding Delilah. Who stole her headband?!

This is a random one of JT trying to steal Porter's pacifier while at his parents house. I seriously can't believe I didn't get ANY of the grandparents!!! I'm so sorry.We luckily have these photos thanks to Jillian and Jarom. This is Grandpa Meza with Delilah. The twins and their great-Lita and great-Lito.
Delilah with a happy great-Lita and Lito.

Delilah and Grandpa Meza

Porter getting kisses from Grandma Meza

Porter having a funny face moment with Grandma Meza

The twins and great-Lita

The twins and great-Lito

Well, this concludes our baby blessing saga. Thank you to those of you who bore with me. We really are grateful for all the love and support our California and Nevada friends and family have shown us. The kids really are missing out on something special by being so far away. Maybe someday we'll be able to come home for good!

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