Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fathers' Day Recap

I've been really bad lately with not blogging about the big events in our lives. I'll start with Fathers Day since my pictures from Mother's Day still have to be assembled.
This was JT's first Father's Day as a daddy! I put a lot of thought into what to get him.  I wanted it to center around his relationship with the twins. Regular presents are for his birthday!
One of the most awesome families we've ever had the pleasure of meeting, the Thorntons, agreed to help me out. So the Thursday before Fathers' Day we headed up to their house to do a special little photo shoot! I needed the pictures for a photo album I was putting together for JT. I wanted it to chronicle his life as a father up to this point. Didn't the pictures come out wonderfully?! Jason did an amazing job with the photography and Jenny did a great job setting the shots up.
 Oh I could just stare at these photos all day! Once the pictures were done I was able to put together the album and include special memories or thoughts on how great a dad JT is. He loves it! Since there's no space on his desk at work for pictures, this is the perfect solution! He can just pull out his album whenever he wants and stare at his beautiful little babies.
Now when you ask what big amazing thing we did for Fathers' Day...I'll tell you: nothing!  That's what he wanted.  JT wanted one day where he didn't have to think about things that needed to be done and he could just relax and play video games.  So that's what he got!
Happy belated Fathers' Day hunny! You're the best father in the whole world!

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