Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JT's birthday party

When I found out that JT had never had a big kid birthday party I immediately jumped on the party train!  I love this man and of course I LOVED the idea of celebrating the day he graced the world with his presence.  Ok...maybe grace isn't the right word choice.  Howabout conquered?  ;)

I started planning this party about 2 months ago so that I could spread the damage to our pocket book over 4 paychecks.  I highly recommend this strategy!!! I also highly recommend scouting out your local Dollar Store. No joke, I purchased 90% of my supplies there.
I made this sign using stencils and spray paint. We attached it to a fence post we had lying around. I love it!
Anna helped me set up the decorations.  We ended up borrowing the tables and chairs from a neighbor. I love feel that the US and USMC flags give.
We definitely wanted a strong red, white, and blue presence but didn't want it to scream 4th of July TOO loudly. :) Hence, the decision to add yellow.
It looked so cute to have the balloons as the centerpiece of each table! Unfortunately, it was the one time Provo decided to have wind this month.  To make things easier on ourselves (not wanting to chase balloons through the lawn) we decided to just tie them to the banisters.
Anna made these ridiculously cute flag banners.
I bought a few 3 packs of foam star wands and spray painted them the right colors. I love how they came out!
I found these adorable patriotic hot dog trays at JoAnne's for $1/6 pack. LOVE them. I also spent one evening wrapping the individual utensils. 
This is Brandon and Anna's table. They painted it this wonderful blue/white strip combo so they would never have to worry about a tablecloth! That's about as brilliant as it gets.

It's cake time!

JT desperately wanted a tres leches cake so one of his coworkers pointed me in the right direction. Flores Bakery in Orem is fantastic! The cake was SO moist and absolutely beautiful.  Of course, I misplaced the candles right before I brought out the cake so we ended up using sparklers!
Christina, Joe, and Zach were able to make it towards the end of the party. We were grateful they came!
All in all, JT had a great time at his birthday party and it was very well attended. It was good food, good friends, and all in a relaxed atmosphere that JT thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Brandon and Anna for helping out SO much! We're gonna miss these friends but I know they're gonna tear it up in Nashville.

Happy birthday JT! I love you SOO much! MWAH!

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  1. cute party, your twins are getting big...and let brandon know he's got something on his chin.