Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bringing Home the Bacon

Many of you may wonder how JT has adjusted to life outside the military. You probably think of him confined to a normal 9-5 job and wonder how he does it. The answer: he finds outlets for his...creative...energy. JT spends his down time at work playing pranks on his coworkers.

The first prank was saran wrapping an entire office out of love. The second was sticky-noting an entire station. The third was moving the entire contents of a station. The fourth was stapling all the dixie cups together and filling them with water in a drawer. The fifth was filling a drawer with 30 stuffed horses. The sixth was saran wrapping "bricks" of cash. The seventh was hiding a 2-way radio in his boss' office and talked to him while watching him search for it. He thinks that's it....

Here's a few pictures to prove it:

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