Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 1, 2009

General Authority Sighting 2009

Earlier this week JT told me that he wanted us to go to Sunday's devotional with Elder Robert D. Hales. I was thrilled to agree....but....we forgot all about it. However, my old roommate Stacie called and reminded us! We rushed to get ready and made it over to the Marriot Center at 5:30 pm. Stacie saved a seat for us in the FRONT ROW!!!! Awesome!!! She looked reaaaaaally pretty. Elder Hales did too. ;) He gave a great talk about keeping to higher ground. My favorite statement was about the two phrases that will create a firm foundation for a marriage. One is 3 words: "I love you." The other is 4 words: "we can't afford that." JT just informed me that that was his favorite part too. It was a really good talk. It gave me a lot to think about. I wore a black shirt and a pink skirt. This is significant only because I've always kept track of what I've worn when I've seen a general authority. I sound insane, but it's just an inside joke Stacie and I have had running for over 2 years now. Stacie is special too because she ironed one of my shirts for the event. :) After the devotional Stacie came to visit us. I apologized because our house was a WRECK. I wasn't feeling good so no cleanup had happened and the dog had more fun than we realized. In fact, Mija has already taken a bite out of the dog bed we just finished making for her last night. Thank goodness we didn't buy a $30 bed. We had a lot of fun catching up with her. Stacie's my favorite pretty much like ever. However, she probably saw more of us than she ever wanted to because her car broke down. She and I watched "The Dog Whisperer" while JT fixed it. What a renaissance man I married! We hope to see her again soon. Stacie Ann I love you!

This is an old photo from Sophomore year

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