Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Home Evening

Last night JT and I invited Stephen and Lacie over for family home evening! It was soooo much fun! They came over around 9 pm and I was playing with Mija in the yard while JT was putting brownies in the oven. I was trying to tire the dog out before she had a chance to go crazy with the excitement of meeting new people. It didn't work. But Stephen and Lacie were really really good at helping her to stay calm! I was really impressed.
We set up our table in the living room and pulled out the best game ever known to man: "The Celestial Companion Game"--deluxe edition. Yes, I'm serious. It's basically a glorified and churchified version of the newlywed game. There were some really funny questions. For example: "would you characterize your relationship as (a) there is sunshine in my soul (b) o how lovely was the morning (c) does the road seem long? (d) master the tempest is raging". Funny stuff! We played 2 games. The first game won the right to have the losing couple buy 99 cent chicken sandwiches from Wendy's and the second game won the right to have the losing couple buy 99 cent french fries. Lacie and Stephen won both games! I guess JT and I don't know each other as well as we thought. ;) After finishing off the smoothies JT made for everyone, we headed out to buy them their winnings. I was surprised by how good those sandwiches are!
We came back to watch the finale of "The Bachelor", only to find that our DVR recorded "After the Final Rose", and not the finale. JT and I didn't care, but Stephen and Lacie raced home to watch the finale! We watched the final rose episode and knew what had happened before Stephen and Lacie had driven away.

So that was our way fun night of funness. I'm glad they could come over! We REALLY enjoyed playing games with them. Maybe we'll have to do a joint family home evening once a month.....


  1. It is! We got it from Deseret Books for $17. Considering how much fun it is and how expensive other games are, we thought it was a good deal!