Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 3, 2009

Anniversary Part II

This year on our anniversary we decided to mix things up! Jonathan brought me Carls JR. for breakfast and a beautiful floral arrangement (appropriately yellow and orange)! It was yummy.

I apologized for having homework on our anniversary and dragged JT to an oboe recital at BYU. It was interesting but definitely not in my top 5 performance list.

Afterwards we headed out to D.I. to pick up some play clothes! We planned on getting dirty at the Holi Festival of Colors and didn't want to end up throwing away nice clothes. We had a lot of fun walking around. I couldn't believe that it was JT's first time going to D.I.! He saw a few things he liked. I think we'll be going back soon. Once we had our clothes and shoes picked out (total of $15 for 2 outfits!) we headed back home to change and take off for Spanish Fork!

The freeway was PACKED! It looked like all of Provo was on its way to the festival. I was glad that we checked the website--it told us to bypass the first exit and to take the second. There was a huge line of cars waiting to get off on the first exit. We found the Hari Krishna temple and parked in the parking lot. Hundreds of cars parked far down the street because they assumed all the parking spots would be gone! Silly people. Once there, the first thing we did was to get in line for colors and to look around.

We also played with the llamas! I named mine Larry. He didn't like to be touched.

We walked around taking in the sights and even took off our shoes to join in some dancing!
Then it was time to light the bonfire and throw the colors!

JT and I kind of attacked each other......

Then Jonathan decided it would be a good idea to get on the roof.

The band got going and the party got underway.

We headed back up to the car. Our tummies were hungry and we knew it was going to take a bit to dust ourselves off.

We had dinner at Red Robin and enjoyed a peaceful night of sleep! Awesome day!

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