Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time for change!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!!!! April has snuck up on us.
Tuesday was the official last day of class at BYU!!!! I was sooooo happy. I refused to do any studying because I was too busy celebrating. I know JT was glad to have all the deadlines behind us.

Thursday I had a tooth pulled. We found out that my mouth has some major issues that are going to require braces for up to 3 years! YIKES! They promised me that in the end I would look like a movie star though. Ha. I think that come the Fall when I need a molar and a wisdom tooth pulled, I'll go with my dentist instead of an oral surgeon. The dentists is used to having people awake and being gentler. Oh my. For whatever reason, vicoden isn't strong enough for me. So they gave me percocet. WOW that stuff is strong. Less than 24 hours after my "oral surgery", I had a Pearl of Great Price final. PLUS...9 am that morning I had to go into the orthodontist's office to cast a mold for my retainer. My mouth wasn't happy.

I placed a fervent phone call to my professor begging him to let me take the exam on Saturday (I was sure the pain would have worn off by then). I explained that the percocet made me woozy and that if required to take the exam that day, I would not be able to take my medicine. Pain+exam=bad. But, percocet+exam=WORSE grade. He called me back (he was almost jolly!) and told me that the only other option I had was to take it with a different class section on Wednesday. SOLD.
Between Monday and Wednesday I now have 4 exams to take! We'll see how I do.

Today is Saturday and it's JT's last day working at Wells Fargo!!! They've worked him like crazy this week with a schedule of +40 hours! They told him he wouldn't be getting a goodbye cake though because he was really coming back in the Fall. He was a little disappointed. Maybe I'll make him a cake tonight. Hmmmm...
It is now official: Wednesday at 2pm we will be leaving for Arkansas!!!! It's a +24 hour car ride, but we're spreading it out over the course of a few days. We will be driving through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and on to Arkansas! JT and I have a goal of a 100% healthy lifestyle for the summer. A fresh start is the perfect time! Being paranoid, I've already checked the weather forecast for tornadoes. We are traveling at the very start of tornado season. I've done ALL my researching and found out that if no building is nearby for cover, we're supposed to get out of the car and lie in a ditch with a mattress over us. SERIOUSLY?!?! We'll see. Arkansas better be worth it! ;)



  2. I'm so glad you have a blog! You guys are adorable. Isn't married life fantastic? Good luck in Arkansas-- I'll pray for you :)