Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Saturday Fun

You'll have to forgive us for not having a multitude of pictures and video from Easter. They all somehow got erased off of our camera. All we've got are what Christina took and what I had on my phone. Bummer.
Saturday we invited the Magleby's over for an Easter egg hunt! Thrilled that they said yes, we took off for Walmart (VERY last minute shoppers) because Uncle JT had to have the latest and greatest for his favorite nephew. We then rushed home to get everything set up before they got here! Once everything was ready, the cat decided that the eggs were fun play toys! She kicked them around and did somersaults with them.

When they arrived Zach was a little unsure about the situation at first. But once he found out that the eggs were filled with 3 Musketeer bars he got into it!
JT was really happy that he also seemed to like his tool set! The blue grass from his basket was also an added bonus. We lost video of him playing and giggling with it.
After all that excitement we pulled out the egg coloring kit! Zach was soooo cute! We've never had so much fun coloring eggs. Everytime we'd ask what color to dip the egg in he'd say "blooooo!" After we finished with the egg coloring, Zach decided that they were balls instead of eggs. They all got cracked except for one!

We put on "Cars"...but tried to put it on halfway through. We didn't want to force Christina and Joe to suffer through the whole thing twice in one day! Zach would watch, walk around, play with JT, and find different places to sit. He's such a cutie.

After they left we hung out a little bit and then decided to go out for dinner. We figured sinceit was Easter weekend, we should probably choose something at least remotely close to what Christ would have eaten. Being in Provo, the closest we got was the Bombay House. This was no travesty though...the Bombay House is 5 star Indian cuisine. I was really excited because I LOVE it. We had lamb and some sort of flat bread. Waaaaay good.

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  1. we had SOOO much fun!! Zach had a blast too!! What a great aunt & uncle you guy are!! your the best!! we're sure gonna miss you when your gone for the summer :(