Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 5, 2010


This Halloween was a family first! It was pretty crazy watching our two little skunks get carted around the neighborhood knowing that this time last year it was just me & Jonathan & THE BELLY.

Ok, so this pic was taken a few weeks after Halloween. But only a FEW! Now my joints don't hurt and we've got ourselves a couple of cute skunks. Win. SHOUT OUT TO JT'S MOM FOR MAKING THE MOST AMAZING SKUNK COSTUMES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! Thank you!

We started our Halloween on Oct 30th (since Utah doesn't do Halloween on Sundays) with a Trout family gathering. Grandma Trout found the most adorable Halloween decorations and sent them our way. So of course, I jumped right on the bandwagon and put together a little dessert table!

We were told not to expect many trick-or-treaters on our street so this was all the candy we picked up. Sadly, there's still some left over. :(

These turned out so yummy! I stayed up the night before dipping oreos in melted white chocolate. I used cake icing to make the little ghost faces. I love them!

pumpkin spice cupcakes--yum!

sign courtesy of Craftily Ever After

Thanks Grandma Trout! It turned out pretty darn cute.

We invited JT's sister & her family (aka the Maglebys), and his cousins Dallin and Lauren. Unfortunately, Christina and Zach fell asleep (lucky ducks!) and missed the party! But don't worry. We caught up with them later. We had a ton of fun with Dallin and Lauren though! It's definitely been decided that we NEED to hang out more. They're awesome and we had a blast.

After the Trout gathering we put the kids down for a brief nap while we got ourselves all costumed up. Once we and the twins were ready, we made our way over to Joe's parents for some good times with the Maglebys!
Trick-or-treating was fun and the twins behaved pretty darn well. There were no meltdowns and we even came away with THREE bags of cotton candy! That's right, I said THREE! *sigh* It's heavenly.

all the costumes

JT, Delilah, Zach, & Grandpa Magleby all trick or treating

starting to lose energy

Our couples costume: forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan & FBI Agent Seely Booth (if you haven't watched Bones go see it NOW)

Porter had some bonding time with Grandma Magleby

he thought this game was too fun

I caught a quick hug from Zach

Delilah was so tired she just wanted to be left to play on the floor. Sweet girl.


Happy Halloween from the Trouts!

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