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Our Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a little change...

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You may remember from this post that JT was promoted to service manager at Wells Fargo back in August. That was a BIG deal and we assumed that would be his only work change for a while.

Wrong again

Last Thursday his Wells Fargo branch was notified that the store it was in would be closing--October 29th--TOMORROW! Needless to say, this week has been pretty hectic for my poor hubby. He's having to shut down a bank, find himself a new branch to work at, and assign his tellers to new branches. There's been a lot of sweat and politics involved, but he's happy with the way things have turned out. He really tries so hard to be a good manager. He wanted to make the best decisions for his branch and the company as a whole. I'm so proud of him. JT really does a great job no matter what's thrown at him.

So even though tomorrow is shaping up to be a very very very long day for JT, it's also really exciting because it's the start of something new! Eek! Can't wait!

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  1. Ya know we are going through that kind of change right now too, and while it was a tad but scary, it's been the best for our marriage. I know you guys will embark on new awesome adventures because of it.