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Our Family

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Egypt is free"

It happened! The Egyptian people have forced their President, Mubarak, to step down. They have taken back their country! I could not be more impressed by these courageous people. Their protests were largely peaceful and continued to be even in the face of Mubarak's thugs. The Egyptian people have won by the sheer strength of their will. Congratulations!
As Americans, democratic revolutions hold a tender place in our hearts. We learn about our own and cherish its history. We are spurred to patriotism by the example of our forefathers. But this Egypt, it leaves us all behind. While we talk of change and the courage it requires, they acted. They poured into the streets and came together as a people to demand their freedom. The unity they found under no common leader is awe inspiring. There must have been an electric current that only they could feel surging through their bodies and spurring them to action with one accord. Today the world celebrates with Egypt!

I wish Egypt success as they begin to move towards a democracy. The Egyptian people and political analysts seem confident that the Egyptian military will hold true to the people and install a democracy. Not being familiar with the military myself, I must defer to the experts and the people. But I cannot help but worry because a government run by the military does not foster democracy. The longer it takes for the military to set up the government then the greater the risk it runs of becoming a dictatorship once again. But like I've said, I will defer to the experts and pray that the Egyptian people get what they have worked so hard to have.  They have the support of the world.

Congratulations Egypt!

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  1. congratulations is right!! this is an amazing time in history. it won't be easy but "worth it" rarely is.