Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Prom 2011

This Valentine's Day we decided to put together a prom. The concept is as corny as it sounds, but the execution is tons of fun! Most of our past dates have become some of our best memories. So in trying to find a memorable date to create for this V-day, I tried to remember clear back to the beginning.
I realized that we had a date stolen from us...by none other than the military. My senior prom. JT was stuck on ship that week. Thankfully, I was able to still go and have a blast thanks to one of my best high school friends, Mr. Stephen Huyck! We had SO much fun, but I know it probably drove JT crazy that I was at my romantic prom with another guy.
Enter "Valentine Prom 2011"! We decided to take back our memory and have our own prom together! We stole the theme from my prom, "A Night in Paris" and threw ourselves a Parisian affair. Mind you, I went out shopping for supplies on Saturday night for 2 hours and then spent Sunday night and Monday putting together. Did I mention Monday was Valentine's Day? This prom was a low budget wonder done in the twinkling of an eye.
But it was SO much fun and SO worth it! I think putting it together with my hubby was my favorite part. The talking, laughing, stolen kisses, and surprise hugs made it the best time of my life.

Enough of the mushy stuff! On to the details!

I got the idea for the "drapes" from a ballerina birthday party. The table covers and "drapes" were made from plastic table cloths purchased on rolls.

wine glasses were a purchase from our dating years

You can't have a prom without crowning a king and queen!


Coveting Kina's cricut. It was so sweet of her to provide me with the lettering! I attached the letters to curling ribbon to hang for the picture wall.

My dress was super pretty, although you can't tell. We also hung tulle from the ceiling in a canopy and had gold stars dangling between the strands.
It was beautiful and magical. Definitely another memory for the books!


  1. It turned out gorgeous! You have such a talent for these things. I'm so happy it turned out so beautifully for you two! And I loooooooove the pic of you two, so sweet :)

  2. Gorgeous KK. You both are lucky to have each other.

  3. Looks like it was a blast! Love the decorations -thanks for posting.
    -Jackie Plastic Table Covers