Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 1, 2011

Anniversary Week: Day 4

Last night was our Country date! Sadly enough, I didn't snap a picture of us. But rest assured, there were jeans, plaid shirt, and pigtails galore. 

I set the mood by decorating our front door with a sign and a ticket to our country concert.

It created quite the fuss with the neighborhood kids.  Neighbors kept asking, "Didn't you do your date LAST night?"  Hee hee hee.

I also found the CUTEST rock concert admission ticket on the Dating Divas site. To download it for yourself, visit their link here.

Even though we weren't going to a rock concert, I figured it counted since we would be "rocking" out to country.  See? It totally works. :)

After dinner we decided to begin by dancing.  Back before we got married, I would spend hours upon hours country swing dancing it up all over Utah County.  I have since COMPLETELY forgotten everything I ever knew, which puts JT and I at the perfect spot to learn together. :) Now if only I could stop getting frustrated with myself then it would be just perfect...

After we fiddled around with that for a good while, we sat down on the couch to enjoy our concert! Back when JT and I were dating, I snagged awesome floor seats to a Keith Urban concert! We had an amazing time together and really enjoyed the music.  So I made sure to pick up a Keith Urban in Concert DVD and a 2 liter of rootbeer for us! Trust me...those country folk like their beer. I made the mistake of wearing sandals to the concert and was up to my ankles in the stuff! Gross!
Oh Keith Urban, you're voice is wonderful. I did after all fall in love with JT while listening to his music.

Romantic and musical date was a total success! Go try it now! You won't believe how fun it is!

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  1. How fun! You guys rock (country, I mean)!