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Our Family

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anniversary Week: Day 5

Last night was our Beach Date! For our honeymoon, JT and I went on a Carnival Cruise Ship named the Elation.  It docked in Cabo and Ensenada, Mexico.  I thought it might be fun to recreate it a little bit!  Well, as much as could be done when it's 40 degrees outside at night. ;)

I set the mood with another sign on the door.
Since I was going to be picking JT up from work that day, I put in an order ahead of time for Cafe Rio. YUMMY!!! If you haven't had their sweet pork then you are seriously missing out. I felt it was appropriate for a Mexican cruise theme.
After we got fat and happy, it was time to change into our "beach" gear. As you can tell, that does not include swimsuits. It was 40 degrees out! No way it was gonna happen.

We started out by playing our own version of beach volleyball. I set up laundry baskets at either end of our yard. The rule was to only touch the ball with your fingertips and absolutely NO holding the ball. The game lasted all of 2 minutes before the ball popped! That's what I get for buying it at the Dollar Store. Our awesome neighbor let us use her masking tape to fix it though.  We went right back at it and lasted another 5 minutes before it popped again! We just called it a game at that point. I was losing 2-4 so I wasn't shedding any tears over having to end early anyways. ;)
Our next activity included a giant bubble wand.  No, I didn't get pictures.  Be sad because you missed out.  I spun in a circle blowing the bubbles while JT zoomed around popping them as fast as he could! It was pretty hilarious!
The last "beach" activity was a hula hoop contest!
It took me all of 1 minute to break it! We had to use some more masking tape to fix it and pulled off all the sparkly stuff on the outside. Then I took a shot at hula hooping first.  Apparently I'm more talented at breaking it. I did SO bad that I tripped all over myself and went down laughing! Unfortunately, JT caught that moment in a picture.  In the interest of full disclosure, I'll let you see my laughing hyena moment. But no judging. You know you look like a hyena when you trip over a hula hoop too.

JT once again demostrated his superior skills and actually managed to do well!

Since the hula hoop was our last game, we headed indoors. At this point JT was excited to find out that ice cream cones were next on the menu. His favorite thing about our cruise was the 24 hour soft serve ice cream. He had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. In fact, he remembers me accusing him of cheating on me with ice cream on our honeymoon.  Meh.  I got over it.  Plus, I was excited for ice cream too!

After the frozen treat we were supposed to put on our swimsuits and SQUEEZE into the tub together (remember, JT is 6'3"). I even got squirt guns and a little toy boat to play with....
......ok ok. So I stole it from Porter and Delilah!

But in the end, we were too tired to go through with it. But I know it would've been super fun! There's always next time. :)

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