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Our Family

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 months old and the BETRAYAL

I can't believe Porter and Delilah are already 5 months old! Time has flown by SO fast!  I know for a fact it won't be long before at least one of them is mobile. *cough cough* JT is a traitor *cough cough*

Delilah is smiling away now to her little heart's content.  She's still our little drama queen, but she loves the attention and will usually gift her audience with a sweet grin.  Delilah is growing more hair atop her little head and is packing on the rolls.  Poor girl has daddy to thank for the "saddlebags" nickname.  I'm working on getting it thrown out.  The last time she was weighed they put her at 12 lbs 8 oz.  Even though she'll pay more attention to toys (like the colorful rings you can hook together) than she used to, her first choice is personal contact with people.  She is SUCH a girl.  It's all about contact and relationships with her.  Oh, and she LOVES to talk.  Not only talk, I mean SHOUT.  We don't have to worry about her at night because we know she'll cry herself to sleep in about 20 minutes.  The problem is when she wakes up at 3am and starts babbling SO LOUD she wakes her brother up--who for the record cannot cry himself back to sleep.  So most times one of us ends up racing out of bed and crashing into their nursery to try and grab her before she really gets going. Tummy time is progressing slowly--just the way I like it. :)  She can hold her head up and will even push her chest off the ground from time to time.  But for the most part, Delilah has no interest in becoming mobile.  Well, scratch that.  She would like to be able to walk. Thank heavens I have a little time before that happens.

Porter has always been our smiley little boy.  He giggles, laughs, and smiles constantly.  He's the charmer and a lot of times people call him the happier baby because he's so social (which mom and dad know isn't true! Delilah just needs to be warmed up!).  Porter is a whopping 14 lbs even...and my arms are positive he's put on more weight since that weigh-in! 

OOH, speaking of weight, I am SO unimpressed with their pediatrician.  The pediatrician's assistant weighed them in at 6 and 7 lbs and the doctor didn't even bat an eyelash and told me I needed to feed them more and introduce solids at 4 months! How in the world could a doctor who saw them at birth think they only weighed that much?!  Thank heavens we got that cleared up.

Anyways, back to Porter. Our little boy is well on his way to becoming MOBILE!  I laid him on the floor on his back, left for 5 minutes, and came back to find him on his tummy!  He was so upset about it. He really doesn't like tummy time and now keeps getting himself stuck in that position.  Poor kid will either have to learn patience or how to roll.  I've got my money on rolling.  Although Porter really enjoys  playing with people, he is 100% happy to be left alone playing with his toys.  His favorite are some rings and a light-up ball Grandma Trout got them.  He grabs everything now.  It's fun to watch but not so much when he's napping with you and decides to say hi by twisting his fist into your hair and pulling.  I'm gonna like when he learns "no".

Lastly, I will tell you about JT's betrayal.  Having had much younger siblings, I explained to JT that although watching babies learn mobility is fun, it gets old in a hurry.  We agreed to be completely hands-off so it would take them longer to learn.  Well folks, I was BETRAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The night before Porter learned to flip over I found JT excitedly helping him! Not only was he teaching rolling, he was teaching crawling!  Porter knows already how to work his legs.  
he gets up on his knees and pushes off.  He just needs to master his arms.  Well if Daddy keeps helping him he'll figure it out very soon!  Since I don't think JT can restrain himself, it's time to dust off those baby gates.  :)

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  1. I don't know how you do it, K! Being a mother of twins must keep you incredibly busy, but look at how stinking CUTE they are!