Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm obsessed

I don't know why but I can't get enough of interior design these days! I spend my free time browsing through blogs, reading DIY articles on decorating, and trying to imagine it all incorporated in my own home for way less than I see on TV.  I have Anna to thank for introducing me to this fascinating world. At first, JT was a little skeptical and thought his wife had gone off the deep end.  To be honest, I probably did!  But thankfully he's "seen the light" and really likes what I'm doing with our home.  The fact that I'm doing it with as minimal an impact on our wallet as possible also helps. ;)
This all leads me to my main point: I love turquoise!!! I really don't know when this came on. It might have something to do with all the beautiful and gorgeous designs incorporating the color I've been seeing in blogs.  I could honestly be following the crowd since turquoise was named the official color of 2010 (if you don't believe me go visit Colour Me Happy by Maria Killam. She's a color expert. Seriously!).

If you still aren't convinced that I have a problem, allow me to enlighten you.
Our living room:
The walls are currently a blue gray (I'm not loving the dark blue aspect of it to be honest).  I had originally decided to accent it with white, orange, and yellow.  The black in the room was just a neutral to tie in with the gray. Well out of left field came turquoise. I now have a $4 turquoise vase sitting on an end table.  I KNOW it's too many colors. But it looks SO pretty next to the orange.  But I really do think I'm going to pull back and do my original color scheme. I can always put the vase back if I decide I still need it.

Our kitchen:
In a perfect world this would be our house and my first line of business would be to paint all our cabinets white. Since it's not, they get to stay a dark oaky brown. I have FIRM plans to paint the walls....you guessed it! Turquoise! I'm going to accent with white and red.  I'm super thrilled about this one.  I cant wait to get the go ahead from our landlord to paint that dining room table white. But that's a project for later.

Our nursery:
The walls are a minty green with a little more blue in the hue than usual.  It's usually called seafoam green. I can't help but look at it and think "hey, I think I see turquoise!".  We're accented with a strong yellow and then any other color we can think of since we want it to be fun for the kids.  We're not gonna stick with a strictly 2-color palette in there.  That wouldn't be fun for them!

The guest/baby bathroom:
The walls are a darkish yellow (I'm wondering why the former tenants would've gone with such a DARK yellow.  There's probably even a little orange to it. Not bright and airy at all).  We're accented with orange and dark turquoise.  Oh, and the occasional rubber ducky.

Our bathroom:
JT saw a picture last night with black and white vertical stripes painted on the walls with a large white tub and hot pink accents (minimal though).  He really liked it! But he doesn't think he wants black and white stripes.  Bummer since that was the whole point of that particular design. The countertop is a turquoise (I know right! It's fate!!!) and everything else except the cabinets are white.  I'm wondering if I should embrace the turquoise and white theme and just have a few black pieces for contrast. Hmmm...

Anyways, save me or indulge me! Hehe.

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