Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

9 months and counting

Ah! The twins are already 9 months old! They're almost toddlers. *sniff sniff* My sweet little babies are growing so quickly. Don't you agree?!

Delilah still has those beautiful blue eyes that neither myself or her daddy have. Lucky duck. Her hair is starting to come in a little thicker and CURLY. I guess it can't come as much of a surprise since both JT and I have curly hair. Delilah's curls are more defined after a bath and then just end up sticking straight into the air after she's rolled around a bunch. She's still our little chubster but is starting to get more defined features. Her skin tone is still very much pink though and a quick glance at her legs will tell you what her temperature is. She also now has 2 bottom teeth!

Delilah's personality is coming out these days in giggles. She is constantly smiling and laughing with us! She's even enjoying laughing with family and friends! Her cousin Zachary seems to be her favorite. EVERYTHING he does is funny. :) She still likes having a parent always in sight though. It's nice being loved, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to go to the bathroom without hearing her cry. Although, it's kind of funny when I'm cuddled up behind her and she forgets I'm there. Then when JT gets up to leave the room she completely FREAKS out until I remind her I'm there. Then she's all better. Don't be fooled into thinking she misses us so desperately that she'll cry and cry for hours though! If we don't reappear within 2 minutes, she's back happily playing with her toys! Oh my fickle daughter. My favorite new personality update is Delilah's DANCING! It's so much fun! I'm sure she thinks she's as graceful as can be, but it looks more like cute spasms. She'll try and sway her hips and bob her head from side to side. Oh, and she expects you to do it too. She'll wait for you and then once you've copied her, she'll grin and do it again.

Delilah is starting to seek out her own independence. She doesn't want to just cuddle with us anymore. She wants to USE us so she can practice standing. Delilah's actually quite good at it. If she'd only get a tiny bit stronger then we'd be in trouble. We are wanting her to start crawling immediately though. It's a matter of survival! She needs to be able to crawl out of Porter's way! He's constantly running her over, using her as a footstool, and stealing her toys. For the most part she handles it well. But we are thrilled to see her rolling (finally!) from side to side and trying to figure out the crawling thing. Go Delilah!

Porter's our wide-eyed little boy. Everyone's always commenting on how pretty those big eyes are. They're more of a gray-blue than his sisters'. His hair is very thick and getting much too long. I'm looking all over for my shears! He's still pretty chubby with dimpled hands, but is definitely burning the calories by the second. His skin isn't as delicate as Delilah's so he doesn't usually turn red with the temperature. He has 4 teeth up top and 2 on the bottom, making a grand total of 6 TEETH! Whatever you do, make sure he doesn't get a hold of your finger! We're working on teaching him "nice" and "suavecito".

Porter is still our care-free little boy...but he's gotten a little more temperamental of late. His smile and laugh can light up a room. On the other hand, his whining is a totally new experience. The child finds he highest decible possible for those little whines. If I hear him start squeaking then I know it's time for food or a nap. Porter likes to be constantly on the go. Finding things to keep him constantly entertained can be hard. Thank heavens for the jumper and exersaucer. They buy me a lot of extra time.

Porter is now an expert crawler. He has no use for the army crawl anymore. I'm amazed that his knees can handle all that activity! They sure do take a beating. When Porter sees something afar off that he just HAS to have, he can crawl over there in .03 seconds! My eyes go wide with surprise every time. Funny thing, he's not as quick to stop when he hears me say "no". Hmm..... Porter is also pulling himself up on things now. The couch, his crib, my lap, etc. All of it is there for his personal use. He's learned to balance with just one hand or his stomach. Sometimes in his excitement he'll throw his hands in the air and step back from the couch! Thankfully those moments are few and far between. But the warning has been noted and we expect to see him walking anytime now. I don't know how we'll handle it since he already follows us from room to room as it is!

The twins bring so much joy to our lives. They love when Mommy wakes up or when Daddy comes home from work. They'll hear the front door open and turn to see JT. Once they recognize it's him, the biggest smiles of recognition light up their faces! Porter will immediately start crawling until he reaches Daddy's feet and then start to pull himself up Daddy's leg so he'll get picked up. Delilah will start hooting and hollering (not exaggarating in the least) and throwing her arms in the air. Our two little angels are beautiful and we can't wait to see the first time they sit down to actually try and play together.

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