Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Today was the day we took the twins to their FIRST pumpkin patch! I was SOOOO excited and have been planning on it for a few weeks now. After the ginormous ordeal of getting the babies picture-ready, we loaded them into the car. The anticipation was palpable.........or not.

Once we got there, JT got right down to business and began picking out the perfect pumpkin for Delilah. It was really cute!

Then it was my turn to pick out a pumpkin for Porter! He prefered eating the pumpkin to holding it.

They had a cute little picture area set up. Porter took one look at that HUGE Tigger and BURST into tears! Poor kid. He was pretty upset about it. But I will have to admit, he was so cute. Delilah was just as happy as ever to be posing for pictures. Our little ham!

Time for Mommy to jump in the pictures.

Now it's Daddy's turn.

As you can see from that last photo, Delilah suddenly took notice of JT. He took the opportunity to teach her how to bang on her pumpkin like a drum. It was so cute! She actually DID IT!!!

Happy pumpkin picking!!!!!!

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