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Our Family

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Tablescape

I have never officially tried my hand at a tablescape! Oh my goodness it is so much fun! My challenge was to try and do a Halloween tablescape on a very low budget--by low I mean pratically free. I can proudly say that I DID IT! Oh does it ever feel good to say that. Now, I'm not quite done yet. There are a few pops of orange I actually want to add and I think it'll help if I dress up the whole table for my "dinner party" I'd love to have.

To start us off, the table cloth is nothing special. I bought a white plastic table cloth from the Dollar Tree and then used a black one for the table runner.

For my creepy branches I journeyed out to the side of our house to visit the remnants of a tree that crossed JT. I'm sure it would be happy to know it is being put to good use. :) The neighborhood kids had fun giggling as they watched me dive through all the branches trying to find THE ONE. Once I found THE ONE, I spray painted it white. I already had the spray paint on hand so that still counts as free. The spider web & spiders came from the Dollar Tree again.

I am trying so hard to find the before picture of this vase! No joke: this was the single most HIDEOUS vase I have ever seen in my life. I'm sure the previous owners who left it here realized that. It was a gray-green with weird blue and brown flowers and the ceramic all looked cracked to give it the look of age. Eww. I promptly spray painted it white and then spray painted the bottom half silver. I think it looks much better!

I didn't really have anything to use as a wedge for the branch in the vase, so I scrunched up an old sock of JT's! Shhh...don't tell him. To hide the sock I bought flower moss at the Dollar Tree.

 This beautiful candalabra was purchased months ago via craigslist for $10! It's one of my favorite pieces around my home. I've never been able to find tapered candles that look right though.  Most of them are super long and make it impossible to have the candalabra be very versatile. The Dollar Tree had this package of 6 emergency candles! I think they look great and are the PERFECT size for a kitchen table. People will actually be able to see over the candle sticks! Win win for everyone.
I was so excited to get started on spray painting this skull that I completely skipped taking a before picture. I'm sorry! Just imagine a sickly looking beige/gray and black eye holes/mouth. It's the traditional Halloween scary skull, but I prefer a prettier version. A quick spray and it's perfect!
The candle pedestal came from Savers a long time ago--of course that means I'm counting it as free! It was some sort of wood (I wanna say oak?) and was just too rustic for any decor scheme I'd ever be using. I spray painted it white months ago and was waiting for the right time to use it. Yay!
The leaves came off of the flowers I bought from JoAnne's to make our Fall wreath. I pulled held them up and spray painted them with silver from far away. I like the glistening look it gives them.

So what's the total cost you ask?
*2 table clothes: $2
*white spray paint: previously owned
*branches: free
*spiders/spider web: $1
*Pedestal: previously owned
*skull: $1
*silver spray paint: $2 and something cents
*vase: free
*moss: $1
*candles: $1
*candalabra: previously owned
*leaves: previously owned

That all comes to a GRAND TOTAL of $8 and some change!!!!! Ta-da!

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  1. Your tablescape looks great! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am SO EXCITED to see the pictures of your Eat Drink and Be Scary party. I love when something serendipitous happens like finding my printable right when you need it!